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I live in Sunderland (Tyne and Wear) but I am getting married in Cockermouth in the Lake District on 29 August. Does anyone know of any good hair/make-up artists in the area, preferably who would come to my hotel? I am struggling to find anyone but there must be somebody somewhere!!

Thanks in advance


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  • floss78floss78 Posts: 176
    Hiya Rachel,

    I get married at Langdale Chase on Lake Windemere 8th Oct 2008 and I'm also on the hunt for a make-up artist and hairdresser. I've come across Lucind Hayton and Julie-Ann Scott via google but no idea what they are like. I'd prefer to go off recommendation to be honest. There's various threads on this site from other people looking for a make up artist in the Lakes. If you search you might find some answers on other threads? In fact, gonna do that myself now....
  • :\?Hiya Floss

    Just remembered that I'd posted this! I found a hair and make-up artist but she has now dropped me in it with 4 weeks to go! :\? Did you get sorted?

  • floss78floss78 Posts: 176
    Hiya Rachel,

    I have booked mine. I've booked Julie Ann Scott (freelance make-up artist) for my make up and I've booked Equinox (salon in Bowness) for my hair.

    Can't believe yours has dropped you in it!!!! Who did you book? Go on, name & shame! Are you able to book anyone else??

    Shell xx
  • emalou55emalou55 Posts: 237
    Rachel , is there nobody in your area that will cover the lake district area most make-up artist will travel but you will find that a milage charge will be added.

    I hope you get sorted know there isnt many girls in the lakes is there
  • cheekiestukcheekiestuk Posts: 151
    Hi Rachel,

    I am also getting marrie din the lakes, at Langdale Chase as well (snap floss78).

    Faye, the wedding co-ordinator at the hotel recommended Lucinda Hayton Faye actually used her for your wedding in Feb 08.

    I enquired with her and she was going to charge +-£195 for hair and makeup. Think it was £150 just for hair.

    Hope you get sorted soon. image
  • Louise2178Louise2178 Posts: 48
    I'm getting married on the 13th September in the Lakes.

    I'm using Lucinda Hayton. There's only one way to describe her - a complete genius!!!

    I had my trial (both hair and makeup) back in June and I am so pleased with the results. She really listened to what I wanted and the look I was going for. I can't recommend her highly enough.

    On top of that, she's just the loveliest person and I really excited about her being around on the morning of the wedding.

    I hope this helps Lakeland Brides.

    I'm so excited and can't wait for my big day image
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