what shall I choose?!

After lots of make up trials, I have decided to do my own make up. I am quite confident and wear make up every day. I just got fed up of not looking like me! I had at least 5 different trials with different beauticians and department stores and just got embarrassed with looking like a clown!

Every time I came home, my h2b remarked, "what happened to you?!"

Lots of people kept saying, you do your own make up beautifully, so I decided I would feel happier. My mum is also quite good at helping. I hope I have made the right decision!?

Now for my hair... I used to have a short straight blonde bob, but I have been growing it for 10 months. I either fancy a curly or up do, but then again, I am tempted to get it all hacked off and opt for a safe bob! How do I decide what is right for me? Help!


  • why don't you try some styles with your long hair first before you chop it off, you will be surprised how many styles there are for long hair. I am doing my hair curly up, took forever to get it to stay curled!!!
  • vanuk1vanuk1 Posts: 103
    Yes, that is what I thought. I just wish someone could tell me what to do! Some peole say my face is hard with a straight bob and that I look prettier with it curled, I just don't know! Are you doing your own?image
  • no i have a friend who is doing mine. We had a trial about 2 weeks ago, next trial will be this weekend with our 'new' tools and hints! My hair is heavy and the curls dont want to stay. If it does not work this time i will have to go for another style. She promised to be outside with the hot brush before i have to walk in!!!!

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    I'd definitely have a few hair trials first, before you make the decision about getting your hair cut - just in case! I've found it quite hard to see any styles I like, but keep searching magazines and the internet and you'll find it! Hopefully your hairdresser will have some ideas aswell - that's what I'm hoping for. image
  • vanuk1vanuk1 Posts: 103
    yes I hope she will too! Because of the disasters with make up, I think I am nervous now! I never see anything in the mags that are exactly right! Lots of the up dos are very severe, I want something soft.
  • I agree with the girls that you should at least have a few trials before you cut your hair. There are so many different options with long hair. I usually wear my hair short but have been growing it for a couple of years to wear it up - with the help of three bags of hair extensions - oh its gonna be high - bet lynch here I come. Some people say that you shouldn't try to look any different on your wedding day than you normally do. Why would you want to look the same as you do everyday - you want to see how rough I look at work!!! But seriously why pay all that money for a fancy dress if you are not going to follow it up with a fancy hair do?
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    One thing to bear in mind too is what are you doing for your honeymoon? If doing something adventurous, it might be easier to manage for you to have a bob, if lounging in the sun you may prefer to keep it longer. Have a word with your hairdresser first before deciding.
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