Extreme Makeover?

There is a programme on the TV Right now on channel 5 called Bride and grooming. They're having surgery and new boobs and everything so they look good on their wedding day. Anyone out there going to such lengths? Or are you all planning, like me, to cover the imperfections with a huge dress, fake tan and make-up?


  • vanuk1vanuk1 Posts: 103
    I am watching it too! Poor girl, her eye looks terrible. My worst nightmare is to get a massive boil on my chin. I get them very randomly throughout the year (not linked to any time of month) and when I say boil, I mean massive. They can last for 2 weeks! I have just gone onto a low level of antibiotics, I hope they do the trick! Other than that, no major surgery!
  • LYNNIukLYNNIuk Posts: 1,046
    A huge dress with a full skirt to cover my thighs and bum. St tropez Tan and lovely make up for me!! I faint at the sight of the dentist chair, I doubt I would be much good at cosmetic surgery!!
  • KirstyGukKirstyGuk Posts: 27
    I have to confess to botox and I am getting my teeth whitened.

    H2B did not want me to get the botox but has begrudginly agreed that it has made a big difference.

    My frown lines have gone and my forehead looks much smoother. Not going near the eyes with it though...

    Big frock and make up for the rest of my sins though! ;\)
  • sammylouuksammylouuk Posts: 97
    i am only having hair and make up plus a fake tan, anyone going to such messures i think are mad, your h2b asked you to marry him because he wants you, fake boobs and surgery are a bit to much, botox is a good thing if you ask me my friends have it done and think i should maybe try it for my wedding xx ( sorry if anyone thinks i being rude its just what i think sorry again ) xx;\)
  • cheryl654cheryl654 Posts: 366
    I've bought stick on t*ts! Thats about as extreme as I get. Mine have gone south and do need a boost for my frock so actually got these to go inside my strapless bra. He'll think hes getting a whole new woman but then be disappointed when I peel them off!
  • Stick on tits? Where did you get them from, i'm interested in them, do they stay in place?
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