Hair Trial Tomorrow!!

Help my hair trials tomorrow and i still haven't found any pictures i like!

My hairs quite long, blond and has a tendancy to curl....i'm looking for some curly ideas, i'd like it maybe half up half down or something loose and i've bought a couple of vintage jewely clips, any ideas where i could look?


  • elliotlukelliotluk Posts: 250
    You could also go up for the start of the day and let it loose for the evening. I would just put wedding hair in the search engine. Also the hairdresser should have a portfolio that you could look through, so get there a little bit earlier. Hope it all goes ok
  • nessauknessauk Posts: 319
    So, how did you get on lucyloo - my hair's similar to yours to just interested to hear what you chose (if anything!) in the finish. I'm thinking of a half up half down, but haven't got any further than that!
  • lucywade1lucywade1 Posts: 82
    Hi Nessa

    The hair trial went so well, I found a lovely picture in Jessica Simpsons I do book (see amazon - front page), very girly with lots of loose curls.

    I had two antique jeweled clips put in at the back holding half of the curls up and when she clipped in my veil evryone in the salon loved it and my CB nearly cryed.....i was so happy it looked just perfect. V. V. V. Happy!!image Now just need to practice the make up!! 26 days to go!
  • nessauknessauk Posts: 319
    Hi - sounds lovely! I'll check out the book... wow, 26 days, you must be getting excited. 165 for me!
  • lucywade1lucywade1 Posts: 82
    Yes i'm getting very excited now, we went to see the car on Saturday too and it was so lovely....i just can't wait! Don't worry those 165 will go by very quickly!
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