Anyone NOT fake-tanning...?

I'm a bit on the pale side and have avoided the sun like the plague since a painful burning incident when I was little. The one time I did tan, rather than just going scarlet and peeling, it just looked really weird, like I hadn't washed. I'm definitely sticking to pale-and-interesting for my wedding - it suits me a lot better (and apparently it's going to be terribly fashionable this summer, although I read that every year and it never actually happens).

Am I the only one? With all this talk of sunbeds and St Tropez, I'm starting to feel like a bit of a freak...!!


  • lausiepooslausiepoos Posts: 148
    You're not alone! I'm a wrinkle-phobic and so never sunbathe. In fact, I rarely go in the sun at all! As everyone knows that I hate the sun, it would be soooo obvious if I had a fake tan on the wedding day. I want to look like me on my wedding day, not a fake version! Let the pale and interesting crowd stick together!
  • cheryl654cheryl654 Posts: 366
    I usually fake it but am scared of it "leaking" onto my dress which can happen on paler clothes so am biting my lip and am having sun bed sessions - only a few! have been lectured from colleagues and not something I usually do or advocate! Please tell me what a naughty girl I am and I will not do it again after I am wed! I am also pale, fair haired and blue eyed and take forever to tan but my corn beef legs will scare people if I leave them!
  • EllyukEllyuk Posts: 293
    I'm staying "pale and interesting" too, just making sure my skin will be lovely and soft and in great condition.
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  • JoyukJoyuk Posts: 51
    Im like you cherly. absoultely terrified of fake tan rubbing off onto my dress and also looking very streaky and orange! so im also opting for sunbed sessions, luckily i tan very easy so i may not need many, some of my friends have told me off too, but my dress is gold and will look so much better agaist sunkissed skin so i will suffer the consequences just to have fabulous looking skin on my special day image
  • CherrymaiCherrymai Posts: 185
    I also hate the sun and remain pale throughout the year. But I got a free fake tan with my bra I bought the other day and I don't know whether to give it a go or not!? I might just go for moisturising and not worry about looking pale!
  • lisa573lisa573 Posts: 63
    Me to i have really pale skin but i've chosen a dress with a hint of colour to offset that rather than going down the tanning route. I'm thinking that pale and interesting is a better look than some i've tried with fake tan! and i just don't go brown inthe sun either nithing happens or i go red and blotchy! i was contemplating faking it but i went for a st tropez trial run and i came out rather orange with patches of dark and light colour!
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