cleanse,tone and moisterise? or just a load of....!!!!

kelukkeluk Posts: 1,467
does anyone do all this religously twice a day?

i wash my face and apply a cream thats it? i think this is all hype what do you guess think will i really benefit from this.


  • cheryl654cheryl654 Posts: 366
    I do C T & M twice a day and have not used soap on my skin since I was 15. I do not think it is now that you will see the difference but once you get over 40. You must be lucky with yours as soap always dried my skin and never got all my make up off properly. Research shows that if you either do not remove properly or at all, for each day you do this, your skin ages by 3 days. My sister is really bad at removing hers and really suffers with all the nasty skin erruptions. I have also found out from my beauty therapist recently that the wrong moituriser can increase secretions in your sebascious glands beneath your skin and cause all sorts of problems like melias (?) or white spots under your skin.
  • Yes... although depending on your skin you may not need to tone. Soap is quite astringent anyway so if you use this then it's prob similar to cleansing and toning.

    I'd stick with what you're used to... especially if it's close to the big day and any change in regime could just as easily have a negative effect on your skin!

  • lausiepooslausiepoos Posts: 148
    I've always been pretty good about looking after my skin, but have decided to step it up in prep for the wedding. After just a week of cleansing toning and moisturising (and the odd mask) I really have seen a difference. Soft and smooth! Try it for a couple of weeks; you've got nothing to lose and quite a lot to gain!
  • i dont bother with C T & M. I take my make up off with pampers baby wipes and then wash my face and neck with a deep cleansing wash and i never get spots (touchwood)! I never really moisterise face either. I wear a lot of make up too as have to for work. I think that all these branded expensive products are a waste of time and money as i think drinking a lot of water is the key!! My sister works on a make up counter in a dept store and she too agrees with me and she works with all these products day in day out. The only cream i swear by is Creme de la Mer which when im flush i splash out on!! This cream is very expensive and you pay the price as its fantasic.
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    I always c t & m too, although if ive had a few too many beers i may just go to bed with make up on, naughty i know but i dont wear heavy make up and its usually worn off by then anyhow, i have spent a fortune on creams in the past and for me nothing works better than good old olay, classychick i know you swear by creme de la mer but for me this was one of the worst creams i have ever used, the other is nivea, as it brought me out is spots and made my skin look awful, i think it was just too rich for my skin. I agree with danielle and thats to stick to what your used to as your big day approaches!
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  • kelukkeluk Posts: 1,467
    i dont use soap at all i use dermalogoica dermal caly wash and cream -my skin is weird though its shiney all through day but yet it always feels tight after i wash it and recently little red dry patches had appeared but yet its still shiney!!! no spots though.
  • petraukpetrauk Posts: 143
    religiously. i use aveda which is 98% organic, not tested on animals & one of the few brands whose ingredients list doesn't read like the interior of a lab. xx
  • cheryl654cheryl654 Posts: 366
    Yep we could all do with reading ingredients labels from time to time as they are quite horrifying.
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