New to all of this

Hi im new to all of this but wondered if anyone knew of anyone around the york and fulford area that does makeup for weddings? x:\?


  • Hi im in York I did have a girl booked for makeup but she cancelled she was from fulford but is moving away in april. there is someone from Selby who does makeup and trials for £20 im going to get her to do my Nails I think.

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  • Her website is I think
  • I was going with another lady for nails but she turned up 40mins late for hair triel which has put me off plus she rushed through it and fell out within about an hour so Iv changed my mind there.
  • Thankyou. I live in Selby but having my wedding in fulford so need someone from there to meet me at the hotel the morning of the wedding to do my makeup i will look on her website thanx. Hows your wedding plans going? x
  • Really thats bad as first impressions are everything. My best friend is coming over from florida as she will be living there by the time of the wedding so she is going to do mine as she does nails and that way i will know they will be done to the best of her ability not somebody rushing
  • If you visit there's a list on there of artists covering the whole of the UK.

    Juliet x
  • Thanx Juliet i will do. x
  • Wedding plans going good apart from those few misshaps how about yours?
  • Hi

    I am getting married in York this year and am using Joanne Abbishaw from Facetime. I have had my trial and it went really well. She spent about 3 hours with me trying various styles. Think I've chosen the one!!

    I think she does nails as well.

    Hope the rest of your planning goes well.

  • Plans are going well thanx Mrs Goodfellow2be, planning early though, i found the dress of my dreams the other day so at least that bits sorted.
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