Please help - hair and makeup south gloucerstershire!

Im really struggling to find a reasonably priced person to do hair and makeup for my wedding in august (this year - woops i seem to have left it very late!image).... ideally I want someone to come to my venue in south glos but if anyone knows of a good salon in the area that would be good to hear about too!

thanks x


  • Hi

    I'm based in north Bristol... have booked a trial with a lady called Sarah Thomas. Prices seem pretty reasonable - she charges by the hour, £20 for trial £30 for the day.

    I could give you her number if you like?!

    Where abouts are you getting married? xx
  • Obviously I can't tell you what my experience of her is yet but I have seen her book and she's done some really nice stuff image

  • hello yes that would be fantastic thankyou!! does she do hair and makeup?

    my email is: [email protected]

    Im getting married at Eastwood Park in south glos! Im sooo excited!!!!

  • Sorry for the late reply... Not been on for a couple of days.

    I'll email now. Don't know she does do make-up, didn't ask as I'm just going to do my own.

    yes, I know Eastwood Park, went to a reception there a couple of years ago it was lovely!


  • Hi Hun

    Look up Jackieann Chandler on Google, she is a professional MUA, Wiltshire based.


  • I really recommend Sharon Wilkes-Burt for hair and make-up. She is versatile/flexible and can do 'fashionable' bridal as well as the traditional stuff on her website

    Someone on here recommended her to me about 2 years ago; I got married in July and she was absolutely wonderful. Good Luck. x
  • Another option is - a bunch of professional hair and makeup artists. They book you one that's local to you so you don't pay for the call-out fees. I had makeup done by them once (for some fancy do I had to go to) and they were great. Their prices are on the website.

  • Thanks for the help everyone! Im waiting to hear back from a couple of people at the mo - though loads of people were booked!! So fingers crossed! x
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