MAC counter Guildford...interesting conversation!


I am booked in for a make over at the MAC counter in House of Fraser soon and when I rang up I had a very annoying conversation which went a bit like this:

Me: 'Hi can I book an appt for a make over on X date?'

MAC assistant: checks diary then says 'For what time?'

Me: knowing it opens at 11am, say '11am please'

MAC assistant: 'No thats when we open'

Me: 'Erm...ok....11.30am then?'

MAC assistant: 'I'll check....yes thats you want it for £25?'

Me: 'Yep ok'

MAC assistant: 'Do you want to pay now?'

Me: 'No thats ok I'll pay when I come in'

MAC assistant: 'No you HAVE to pay BEFORE you have it don't have to pay now, but it means I have to cancel your appointment...'

Me: 'Ok...I'll pay now then' (?!)

I paid and then asked for the assistants name...just in case!

Am a bit worried now. Will it be poo and will the person who does it make me feel as confused and stupid as the lady I booked with??

Anyone had their make up done at this counter? With good or bad results?

S x


  • Hi,

    I have had my make up done at MAC (it's not the one your going to ), they were brilliant. I now by all my make up from them and have done for about 4 years. Everytime i go in they are very helpful. My 1st make over there was done by a man and i was very nervous but he was excellent better then a women i would say.

    I'm sure it will be fine when u get there, the make up is expensive and the brushes are very expensive but i think they are worth it and it all lasts for ages.

    Good luck!
  • Hi,

    I had a similar situation. I went into the store to book an appointment, thinking it would be a free trial. Ended up paying £25 (redeemable against products) for the trial.

    Went on to ask about make up on the wedding day and she mentioned that they were all freelance makeup artists as well, but she wasn't even able to give me a general price of how much she would charge.

    Walked round for a bit then realised I was not willing to pay £25 for a trial, as a lot of counters do free trials, so went back and asked for a refund. No questions were asked, I just said I changed my mind.

    Didn't want to feel like being pressured into buying products to use up my £25 in case I didn't like the make up.

    It's upto you, if you think you will use the products then go for it. They seem very professional, I just think it was a cost thing for me.

    Had a fab free make up trial at Space NK, she was great, definitely would recommend.
  • Wow, didn't know you had to pay upfront! That does seem a bit odd!!

    My make-up artist for the wedding is the manager of my local MAC counter. She recommended I have my wedding trial in store, as then I can use the £25 against products - so I'm going to buy the lipstick I'll wear on the day, for touch-ups, and maybe get something else as well. I haven't booked my make up trial yet but I will soon!
  • I think you have to pay for the make-over up front as unlike other make-up counters, where the sales assistant does your make-up, they have an actual make-up artist to come in and do the make-overs.

    I had a MAC make-over, as I get married in jamaica, and was a bit worried about make-up staying on in the heat. I have done some make-up training myself and the make-up artist REALLY knew what she was talking about. It was the first time I have had my make-up done where I have actually felt like they did what they thought would look good, and fit in with what I asked for, rather than just 'playing it safe' and doing the same old techniques and colours that they always do on make-up counters.

    Including what I spent on my trial, I spent £100 on make-up. I am still going to go back and buy the lipstick they used, and a darker foundation so I can mix it with the one I already have when I get a tan. It was well worth it, all the make-up is really long lasting, even without the primers they do. The lipstick lasted me all day, through lunch, dinner and loads of drinks, and you just keep applying the gloss over the top. It didn't make my lips feel dry like some do either.

    I always use 'premium' cosmetics brand, but MAC is definately my favourite now.
  • I had a MAC makeover last week but in Oxford and I didn't pay until afterwards. It was fab and I especially liked the picture they give you at the end which she did using all of the make up. I know lots of counters do trials for free but if know that going to buy make up its not too bad and I knew that I would buy their eyeshadow.
  • I had a makeup trial at MAC in Birmingham today and I hated it! I didn't want frosty eyeshadown and guess what, thats exactly what I ended up with, I looked so tired, it was awful. When I said I didn't like it, she changed it but put it over exactly what was there already!!! The foundation, I was asked what colour - I mean aren't these people supposed to be trained makeup artists??? To cut a long story short, it was the worst experience ever and I would never go back there again. I did buy some products to redeem my £25 but I did not walk away with any picture or even guidance. I promptly went to a Bobbi Brown counter and had my makeup redone there - what a difference! It was so much more natural looking and fresh - perfect for a wedding. I got great advice and I did walk away with a picture and booklet with guidance on how to recreate the look. I bought all the products I needed to recreate at home. Apologies to all you MAC uses out there, but for me, never again!
  • my experience of mac has been very good - i got a freebie trial ages ago for a xmas do in Harvey Nics (not that i'm posh enough to be able to shop in there- it was a promotion evening and i went on the lure of a free glass of bubbles and a bag of freebies!!)

    But the guy was fab - i looked a different person - think very vampish black kohl lined eyes and barbarella pink lipstick - loved it!! Very different from my normal browns and golds! I didnt have to pay for that as it was a spur of the moment thing and there werent many people there!

    However for makeup trials my 2 best friends both had wedding make up trials in there and they were fab..... and yes they did pay £25 up front.... The products in mac are fab - i'm sure you'd like something.... the eyeshadows are fabulous... I agree that was a bit of a weird conversation though!!!

    i will be going there for mine - i've asked all my friends for vouchers.... be warned though - my friend spent £200 in there as she bought EVERYTHING!!! I think i'll go a little conservative though and just buy what i dont have already or what really makes a difference.... Although my lovely friends got me some vouchers for my birthday and christmas so i already have £110 to spend!! Very exciting!

    And if i dont like it i will damn well say and make them do it again....!!

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