Hi Guys

Need some advice who can reccomemnt some really good make up for weddij? Im olive skinned.



Mascara for not the longest eye lashes!

a base coat to even skin out

Any help would be gratefully received!!

Iv tried Dior forever foundation but didnt really lik it taht much.



  • ToryemukToryemuk Posts: 333
    Hmmm... this sounds like a job for 'buys into any advert fro new make up girl'.

    Base Coat - I vary what I use depending on the finish I want. I've got Mac stobe cream which isn't a base coat really but an illuminator, makes you look like you've had lots of sleep. And for stay all night makeup I use one by Yves Saint Laurent - it's a mattifier too.

    Foundation. I'm currently using a Chanel all in one, but I don't think you can beat having one mixed by Prescriptives if you can afford it. Mine's like a second skin (only got a bit left so saving it for party nights).

    Blusher - love Nars, any of them they're all good.

    Mascara - I have thick but stumpy eyelashes and I think Lancome Virtuose (or however it's spelt) is one of the best I've ever tried.


  • ninaredninared Posts: 737
    Haha princess thats me too!

    Ok here goes, for foundation I use my trusty friend No7 Stay Perfect, have tried all the dearer ones but this is my fav, theres no getting this sucker off!!

    Ok, blusher.....I love Lancome its a peach colour and gives a very sunkissed look.

    As for mascara, Diorshow is fantastic, I have hardly any lashes but with this baby I look like I have loads and people always comment on them!

    I think different peoples complexions suit different types tho...

  • yesim28yesim28 Posts: 375
    oo thanku girls! I will go shoppin this weekend and have a try i think!

    The mascara sunds great Mrs O2be and Priness BN lol!! i have so may diff make ups cos i buy anythin that i think ooo that advert was good! wil def look at base coat, so much make up out there its ncie to get advice from people who have used it!!
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