Hair help - a bit random

Hi ladies,

Do you think it's possible to combine Audrey Hepburn simplicity with curls? I was hoping to have my hair half up half down (to cover my hunch-back - don't laugh but I do have a widows hump or whatever they're called) with a smooth ball-type-thing on top (I'm never sure if that's what they call a chignon or not) and loose curls. Does that even make sense?

If it does, what do you think it would look like???

Sorry - totally random, but I can't talk to H2B about such things, he'd thinkI was even ore bonkers than usual ;o)



  • Hi I have done a similar style on a few brides.

    send me an email and i'll mail you the pictures. then you can show your hairdresser.

    don't want post pics here as i am not advertising.

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