Real Flowers in hair

I'm in love with idea of having some flowers in my hair rather than a veil or tiara, but heard they don't last very long and tend to droop if you handle them too much, does any one have any tips how to keep them looking good and any ideas how to secure them.


  • I want flowers in my hair too even though wedding is in december! I think the florist can put wire around the stems to get them in place adn to precent drooping. I'm going to ask advice when I have a florist consultation; the alternative is a hair jewellery of some kind or a jewel flower on an alice band.
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    I had small rosebuds in the back of my hair in November on a boat in Scotland and they made it all day. I also used to live in Hawaii and had flower leis or flowers in my hair and it would last pretty much all day. You just need a hearty kind (wouldn't recommend orchids in January) and your florist should be able to recommend that. They were wired and were just fine. The stems were wired by the florist and my hair stylist also put some pins in to secure them more. Good luck!
  • My bridesmaid got married in Feb 05 and had a fabulous orchid in her hair. She had a veil too, and the orchid managed to stay beautiful for the whole day.

    I had roses (as her bridesmaid), and they also looked lovely. I think how well they last depends partly on where they are positioned and how much bruising they get. But they can look stunning.
  • I'm also having flowers in my hair. I've spoken to my florist who's also a friend. She's wiring & sealing the flowers which will last the whole day. The other option is preserving them & they'll last for weeks whilst looking natural.

    The other problem I faced was the hair trial. Luckily my friend is wiring some cheap supermarket roses so I get the luck without the cost!!
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