make up ideas sites anyone ??

Im having a pro makeup artist to do my makeup. she has worked on films and tv!!!

cant wait for her to do mine .

however, she has told me to look out for the sort of look i want and get pics if pos .

dont know where to look. i wanna look smoulderery and sexy!!!!!! lol

sex goddess would do !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

anyone know any good sites for makup

thanks jules

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  • Your make-up artist should have a portfolio of all the brides she has done for you to look at, at the consultation? This will give you a good idea of the different looks that she does well. Failing that wedding magazines are really good. Take a look at for inspiration. Ema has a wide range of expertise in wedding make-up.

    Hope you find the look for you

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    ooh thanks for ur link x
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    Hey babes, I saw your link on my hair pics, I had been wondering where you had got to! Me and happytimes have been having a right old chat and we expected you to pop in but you didnt! What have you been up to? Cant help with make up really I am having a trial soon and will see what happens, ooh and I have been asked to do a photo shoot modelling wedding gowns for our local newspapers wedding supplement!! HOw cool is that! Will get my hair and make up done so hopefullly that might give me some inspiration, its not til May but I cant wait! xxxx good to have you back
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    hi darlin . i was off for a few weeks as h2b very unwell

    turns out he has a stomach ulcer

    and he never gets ill!!

    what with work, my 3 yr old and h2b ive been a bit tucked up .

    loved the hair .

    how weird but the dress shop i got my dress shop from have asked me to do some shows for them!!! be a laugh.

    will be doing some hair trials myself soon so i will try to post pics. not very good at it tho !! lol

    nice to catch up hugs j xx
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    have you tried the American MAC website? they've got a section for brides on there and have 6 different wedding make-up looks ( - 'meet the brides')
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    thanks welsh bride will take a look x
  • jules-rulesjules-rules Posts: 7,025 New bride
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