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Hope someone can help me!

I am hoping to get a tiara type thing for my hair, it would go all the way round my head sitting along my forehead - Coleen McLoughlin (wayne Rooneys Girlfriend) wore one once to a party and there is a picture of her wearing it in this weeks OK issue 611 page 85 if anyone has this issue! my question is what are they called? and would anyone know where to get one? iv done a million web searches but havnt found anything like it, as i dont know the name of what i'm searching for!

Thanks in advance

Misty x


  • I think they are called hair vines? Are they decorative wires that can be twined into you hair or around your head?

  • Hi,

    Thanks for reply, they could be called hair vines will do a search, think its a continous circle round your head but would be twisty

    thanks again

    misty x
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