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Have a birthday coming up and friends are starting to ask me what I want for my birthday. I thought it would be an idea to ask for vouchers etc for beauty treatments e.g. facial, manicures etc.

I've heard Clarins facials are good, any comments?

Or even any other suggestions?! Would be good to know what people recommend... xx

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    I found Clarins Espa and Elemis facials relaxing and enjoybale but not great on the skin transforming front. I had a course of dermalogica facials before my wedding and found them AMAZING! My skin transformed into healthy, shiny, spotless softness. I'm still using the products a year on and rarely have a spot or blemish image I've heard that these facials aren't for everyone's skin but personally, I can't recommend them enough. They are especially good for sensitve or dry skin (though, they have ranges for all skin types).
  • I love Elemis.. Not cheap but they are lovely products.
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    Oooh thanks girls, will have a nose on their websites! Not sure what to ask for!! xx
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