Teeth Whitening

Hi i'm considering having tooth whitening for my June wedding - they are fairly white to start with & a lot of people have said i'm wasting my money/time. Just wondered if anyone has had this done & if they thinks it was worth it?image


  • hi

    i had the zoom whitening done at my dentist and was AMAZED at the results and would definitely recommend it.

    Yes, it's quite expensive but it really worked for me.

    The appointment lasted over 2 hours but was soooo worth it.

    my teeth were a bit sensitive that night but the next morning were fine. you do have to be careful to avoid coloured food/smoking/red wine etc etc for approx 6 weeks after, which isn't as hard as you think.

    I'd say make sure you go to your dentist to get advice though as some of the high street ones don't work and aren't recommended.

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