Please help, Dorset girls! Hairdresser let me down!

I am panicking for the first time regarding the wedding! My hairdresser has just let me down and said she cant do my wedding hair and time is ticking!

Can anyone recommend a good hairdresser in the Wimborne/Ferndown area or one who is mobile?

I would be very grateful

Thank you xx


  • When do you get married?
  • Quoted:
    When do you get married?

    Hi Midori

    I get married on the 17th May. I know its a good couple of mths yet but I know other girls have had their trials by now and Im really very organised!

    A friend of my mums was going to do our hair but she has been off sick for a while and said she doesnt want the stress of wedding hair. Fair enough really but I dont want to pick a hairdresser at random! Do u know any decent ones in the area?

    Thanks x
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