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Girls I need your help please - I want my hair up in a very lavish do on my wedding day, I am currently sporting longish bob length hair and my friend the hairdresser has said I need to get hold of a ponytail entension that we can tong and curl etc and pin into place. I just brought some extensions off the internet for £11.99 but they are thin and straggly and not good. I am on a budget so anyone know of a good website (apart from ebay) that I can do this pretty please?


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    u need to go to a west indian shop.there, you will find real hair . i recommend mikyway hair or Elegane which is indian hair,

    i live in bedford we have lots of afro carribean shops. where do you live ? xj
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    Hi ya,

    Someone else posted this link

    I haven't used this site, but have used real hair clip in extensions before and providing they are put in the right place look really good, people have commented on how healthy my hair looks......pity its not mine eh!

    The ones on this site are cheaper than what i got a while ago, but like i sya cant comment on the quality...yet, been thinking about getting some more for my big day, so if i do i'll let you know.

  • ooh lovely just ordered the pony tail and my friend says that she can curl it then pin it in loops!!
  • Hi, you could have a look at Although its not real hair, they do curly ponytails. Im ordering one from there and will (hopefully) be twisting it up into some sort of bun.

    Cat xxx
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