Help! Flower hair pins - where to get them?

Hi all, I am getting married in Jamaica in 5 weeks time and have been stressing about how I want my hair. In my mind I have a soft up do with some small white flowers in my hair. I have found the perfect picture of what I would like but trouble is I can't seem to find hair pins that resemble the flowers on the picture. I would post a pic but am afraid am not sure how to do it and I can't remember the website where I found the pic.

Anyway, these flowers are white with a pearl centre and look a little like a lily. Does anyone know of any websites that sell such hair pins. I have done and search and found tons of websites that do hairpins but none seem to do the fabric kind that I am after. I wish I could show you all the pic which I have saved!

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks x


  • Orca1971Orca1971 Posts: 258
    Hi sunnyjo

    Have you tried Ebay? I bought Swarovski crystal ones from there this week, and there seems to be lots of different types. Worth a look.

    Hope you find some.

    E. xx
  • AmandasaAmandasa Posts: 219

    If you want to email me the picture I maybe able to help,

  • Hi amandasa - what is your email address? x
  • AmandasaAmandasa Posts: 219
    sorry thought you could mail through the profile!

  • MrsQM2MrsQM2 Posts: 3,723
    sunnyjo - have a look at my post - "DIY hairpins, can you help", there is a piccie in there for some flower hair pins - if its those flowers, then I bought mine last night from hobbycraft!

    hope you find them wherever they are!


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