nottingham make up artist needed!!

Hi girls

I am still a bit torn over whether to do my own make up or not. A friend of mine said I should get a make up artist as it's a bit of pamper day... but I can't seem to find anyone in the Nottingham area. I don't really want the usual natural bridal look - I went false eyelashes, eyeliner etc!! And I definitely can't put false eyelashes on myself. Anyone know any make up artists in Notts they can recommend??

Thanks x


  • Hi

    Rochelle O'Brien covers Nottingham and if you look in her gallery she has lots of brides with nice false lashes and liner so she should be perfect for you.

    Her website is

  • AmandasaAmandasa Posts: 219
    I was going to suggest Rochelle too, I have seen several examples of this type of look from Rochelle, there are some lovely ones on her website,

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