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wedding on saturday and stress has made me bite my nails!

Hi ladies, as the title says, I have bitten my nails, always done this but stopped for a month or so before wedding. Stress has made me chew them again and now my nails are horrible.

Thinking of having false ones but can't get booked into a nail place, going to do them myself and go shopping tonight for my new false nails.

Any advice?

Any recommendations about what I should do?

Will false nails stick onto my nails?

:\? bride to be x


  • MrsG1986MrsG1986 Posts: 869
    I shouldnt use stick on nails hun, most of them are pants, and dont stick properly. Not nice when one falls off! I should go to boots and see if they have any acrylic nail sets, have a go yourself if you're confident you can do them well, i'm crap at stuff like that so if i were u i'd travel miles to get them done nicely! x x x
  • AEJAEJAEJAEJ Posts: 898
    Nothing wrong with the Broadway Short french manicure glue on nails, available in Superdrug/ Boots.

    Easy to apply and last me about 3 days normally. Just take the glue with you in your emergency kit on the day and should one come away (very unusual for me), then you just have to re-glue.

    No point spending lots on acrylics if you don't plan to maintain them, plus if you want to rip them off after, your nails will be f*cked.

    Good luck for Sat xxxxx
  • gemnadegemnade Posts: 115
    image Thanks rubylou nd MJ's WTB I am rubbish when it comes to girly things! I'll ring around tomorrow to all the nail places within 5 mile radius nd then if not available to book me in I'll ask mil2b to do them tmoz as a trial nd then night before wedding.

    image I'll try boots xxx
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