Hair in Milton Keynes

This is getting urgent!

I can't find a hairdresser to do my wedding hair and 2 of my bridesmaids' hair that is based in Milton Keynes. I've had a recommendation that's fallen through because I can't physically contact the girl in question.

Someone out there MUST be based in MK and getting their hair done!!!

Please help

Em x


  • Try Lianne at - she's excellent and a lovely lady.
  • EmCBEmCB Posts: 1,390
    I have, I can't get hold of her Rochelle!!! Her email button doesn't work and there's no phone number I can find.
  • Oh that's a shame. I don't think I've got her number any more. It was a couple of years ago that I met her. I'll have a search around though.
  • EmCBEmCB Posts: 1,390
    Thank you, she lives in the same village as me in MK, so it'd be lovely to get her ideas! I've tried loads and loads of times to use the email facility on her website, but no luck. She doesn't seem to be in Yellow Pages either, :/(

    Any other ideas?
  • I'll contact the girl who's hair she did and see if she has her number. I'll leave it until tomorrow though, bit late now.
  • EmCBEmCB Posts: 1,390
    Thanks mumu, I've sent an email to her!

    THere must be more than 2 hairdressers who do wedding hair in MK?!!!
  • Annabel69Annabel69 Posts: 189
    Hi, Have you tried these?

    I'm having these to do my hair and make up. The owner is lovely..

    Good Luck..

  • MrsReesMrsRees Posts: 278
    Hi Annabel

    Have you been for your trial with Foundations yet? The owner was lovely but I just wondered if your trial was any good?


  • im desperate to find a mobile wedding hair stylist too in the Milton Keynes area, really put off by a lot of the websites as the gallery shots are not great at all. Any suggestions would be welcome for the bucks area. I just want a sexy up do.

  • I can highly recommend Lorraine is a wonderful bridal hairdresser and we've done about 30 weddings together. 

    Juliet x

  • Good morning all, 

    My name is Nitasha,  I have just come across these messages from a while back.  I own a company called Imperial Hair. Specialising in bridal hair alone.  Iv trained with Schwarzkopf and have had many years experience in this field of work including christenings, weddings,  bridal hair demos and bridal hair catwalks. I am based in Birmingham but I am booked for many functions in the Milton Keynes area. If in the future,  you are struggling to find a local bridal stylist please do not hesitate to contact me. My email address is [email protected]  Have a blessed day ladies. All my love, 

    Nitasha x

  • Hi I'm a wedding hair specialist Im not from mk but I travel there a lot to see family. I have attached some photos of my own workI would be more than happy to do wedding hair there if it is hard to find ago is hairdresser image here is my email address if any of you would like quotes and also a link to my page Facebook page [email protected]



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