Anyone know any good wedding hair websites


Is anyone else having real trouble finding a hairstyle for their wedding. I've got a strapless dress and although everyone says my hair looks great up i think i might feel a bit exposed with no hair on my shoulders. I quite like the look wavy hair look with a few bits pinned back (like Jessica Simpson had her hair on her wedding day). Does anyone know any good hair websites.? Thanks for any help or ideas


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    One picture from the back...

    And a host of pictures from the wedding day...

    I've bought the book and am having my hair in a similar way on my big day, i felt the same...a little over exposed with all my hair up

    Hope you like!
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    Try this one:

    It has loads of hairstyles on but to get the most out of it you need to upload a picture of yourself (preferably with your hair scraped back) then you can try your face with all the different styles on to see what you like.

    I presume you can then print these off to show hairdressers.

    Hope that helps


    oops - have just realised you have to pay to register US$14.95 for three months. It may be worth it if you really have no idea. You can still view some styles as well as celebrity styles so may not be totally useless if you don't register.

    Promise that'll be the last modification!!

    Love Penguin


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    Go to google and click on images and then put in wedding hairstyles - however still not found anything I like either!!!
  • chaninechanine Posts: 256 try this one I found it on a wedding hair hunt it has some good ideas on it for all lengths of hair ;\)
  • Thanks for your replies you have no idea how helpful they are!!
  • ClaireyukClaireyuk Posts: 14

    I was looking at this site this morning and they have quite a large range of styles. Hope it helps x
  • Does anyone have any tips on how to help curls stay in. i have very straight hair and cannot seem to ever keep curls in for long. is it better to tong it or put it in rollers, which holds longer from experience?
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    If you have a good pair of ceramic straightners you can get a really good curl with them better than iwith tongs the curl is smoother and lasts alot longer, I did mine when i went to my cousines wedding and they stayed in I have really thick, heavy long hair!!!
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    there is a posting somewhere else on this site that lots of people have said GHD's give you a curl that will hold for ages (one girl said 2 days!) even if your hair never usually stays in a curl
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