What's the difference between silk,acrylic & Gel false Nails


I am getting married abroad and would like to have some fake nails as mine are a bit chewed...probably would have anything to long.

I anyone has had any experience with false nails?, or know whether silk, acrylic or Gel False Nails and which will last the best?, as would need them last in and out of the water, as wedding not for 6 days after we will arrive?

Many Thanks



  • Go for the silk and def not the acrylic, they totally ruined my nails and it took months for them to get back to normal, also it took me two hours to soak the things off! I've heard tho that the silk ones are fine. The good thing about them is that the polish stays on them longer than on your own nails and doesn't really chip so you shouldn't have to repaint them before the wedding.
  • dee177dee177 Posts: 143
    The UV gel ones are really good too. they are vey strong so they will withstand the water and suntan lotion while you are abroad and they dont ruin your own nails like acryllic ones can. the best UV gel ones are called calgel and are available in most salons. they are what im having put on for my wedding
  • debbie_wdebbie_w Posts: 229
    Thanks for the advise girls image

    Will definatly not go for the acrylic ones then...

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