Help Blemishes!!


Just wondered if anyone has any remedy's for spots on your back? Sounds glamorous doesn't it!

Well my younger sister (14) is one of my bridesmaids at my wedding which is in 2 weeks, and she's realy panicing as she's come out in lots of spots on her back and she can't seem to make them go away!

She was realy hoping to have her hair up in a nice do like the older girls but with having strapless dresses, at the moment she's so embarassed by them i think she feels shes going to have her hair down to cover them up.

So does anyone know and good treatments or products she could try?

Please help, i realy don't want her to be upset.


  • EllyukEllyuk Posts: 293
    Could she try a spa treatment? I saw a special back treatment advertised at a spa recently where they did a mask etc so something like that could help. Also when I was a teenager I really suffered with my skin (back included) and found that just treating it as though it was your face helped, face washes etc. Someone could help your sister put a bit of concealer on her back maybe. Or, if all else fails could she have a little wrap or shawl? Hope that helps a bit and good luck to your sister, I really feel for her. X
  • vocalclairevocalclaire Posts: 99
    in the next few weeks suggest she uses a tea tree shampoo and conditioner. it works wonders for spots and the shampoo will run over her back in the shower. tea tree shower gel and get her to wear her hair up as much as poss in the house and garden. Get some sunshine to it and get someone to spot cream her back for her. Poor lass, feel for her. I'm worrying about the zits on my face!!
  • ruthdillonruthdillon Posts: 150
    handy hint is to wash your back again after shampooing to make sure that the oil from the hair is definately gone. Tea tree should do the job. If they are not to bad on the day but still visible moisturise them so that they dont flake and then use a brush and apply concealer to them. that way they wont appear so obvious. hope that helps. i know how she feels i still have that prooblem at 29 and am on antibiotics to keep them down...

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  • lucywade1lucywade1 Posts: 82
    Thanks girls I'll give her the suggestions tonight, the tea tree shampoo and conditioner sounds like a good idea. thanks again
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