Wedding Make-up Consultancy in Shops??


I am wanting to do my own make-up for my wedding (as I'm a bit of a control freak)...I was thinking about having a couple of consultantions that they make-up counters in the department stores offer....but I'm now sure who to try?

I was thinking of MAC, Benfit, clinque, perscriptives ???

But I'm not sure who to go to???? Has anyone had any experiences?

Many Thanks



  • bride1bride1 Posts: 1,664
    hi debbie im doing the same thing im going to estee Lauder. gonna take them a picture of what i want then buy the products (mum doing my make up on the day) x
  • CarolUKCarolUK Posts: 108
    I've had one by Lancome and one by Clarins. Both were really good but Clarins have more colours that are flattering to me personally and Clarins suits my skin which is quite sensitive at times.

    I would suggest you look at the colours they show in their displays and that you like them. Then if you've got the time (and the money - but then, what better investment is there than you!) have a few done. Just remember you don't have to buy anything afterwards. Mind you, I always do! image The main thing? Enjoy the pampering - you deserve it!

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  • bride_2Bbride_2B Posts: 9
    Hiya, haven't personally had a makeup session, but my friends' sister treated her to one for her birthday with Estee Lauder. We went out that night for a meal and she looked gorgeous; the product colours they used were sensational. And she said they'd been really helpful, giving her tips etc as they were applying the makeup. Good luck with it!!
  • nessauknessauk Posts: 319
    A couple of girls at work have got married recently, one went to MAC, the other Bobbi Brown - they both looked fab and both really recommended them.
  • debbie_wdebbie_w Posts: 229
    Thanks for all your replies girlies...I think that I will try bobbie brown and MAC.

    To hear anyone elses experiences...good or bad with make-up counters would be great ???

    Thanks Debs image
  • susiequksusiequk Posts: 229

    I'm doing the same, so i've been to benifi, clinique and mac so far

    Benifit was great, they were really helpfull and i liked the result.

    clinique was ok, but the lady was a bit ott so just a good idea of colours, not tecnique.

    mac was the best so far with great colours and ideas.

    take lots of pictures after them in different lights and expressions and try and leave them on for the rest of the day to see how they wear.

    i think i'll have a mix of mac and benifit. benifit have this great lip stain so you won't kiss it off as easily!!

    good luck!
  • debbie_wdebbie_w Posts: 229
    Thanks susieq....

    I went into House of Fraser at the weekend just to have a look on the stands...and I must say that MAC and Benifit looked more contemporary.

    Think I will go for them two...were you pushed into buying by either of them????

    Thanks for your help

  • Mac and Bobbi brown are good for warm tones, especially brown eyed girls!! Hunt about checking for actually trained make up artists - liz Mcevoy use only those actually trained. they will have amazing tips on making bits of your face appear bigger or smaller or whatever is needed.
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