Free Skin Analysis

I get married on 5 August and in the last week I've come out in terrible spots on my forehead. It's got me really worried that this might happen to me on my wedding day. I thought maybe I should go for a skin analysis to find out what skin type I have and therefore what products I should use. Does anyone know where in London it is possible to get free skin analysis? I try and wear natural skin products such as Neals Yard so if anyone knows of natural stockists offering free skin analysis that would be even better.


  • LiukLiuk Posts: 48
    You should try a clinique counter. Most of the girls working for clinique are very good. i have a-topic skin (as informed by a dermatologist)..... which basically means it is VERY VERY sensitive!!! I have to be exceptionally careful about the products that I use on my skin, especially my face. I use Clinique products... they are great and they are also the only product that I can find that won't upset the balance of my skin! i hope that this helps xx
  • Also Boots - they have a skin advisor you book appointments with. They use some new fangled business to tell you the oil content of your skin etc. It's the big Boots that have them
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