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Maldives v's Hawaii???Help!!

hey grils

we are just talking about our honeymoon and have narrowed it down to two

not gonna book to after christmas so have a bit of time to decide but just thought id ask for some advice.

both are leaving on boxing day 09

1. maldives 5 star 1 week half board £4800

2. hawaii 5 star 7 nights room only and then 3 nites in LA or vancouver in a 5 star too. - £4200

the maldives is paradise but i think hawaii would be too and we seem to be getting so much more for money:\?

any advice?



  • Hi Christmas! I was speaking to my friend about honeymoons at the weekend funnily enough as her and her hubby went to Hawaii and then onto Miami, I have never been myself. She said that although the Hawaiin weather was faultless she found it to be really commercialised. This was the only bad thing she had to say about it though, I guess it really sepends on what you're looking for. Hope this helps? xxBGxx
  • thanks brettsgirl

    yeah ive heard that

    i wonder is there a part of it that isnt commercialised?

    or maybe we better sticking to maldives

  • JannelleCJannelleC Posts: 1,113
    There are 8 islands that make up Hawaii. Oahu is very commercialized. Maui a bit but Kauai is much more laid back. If you want true remoteness, you can always stay on Lanai or Molokai too. And I lived in Hawaii...the weather is usually amazing. And on the bigger Islands somedays if it might happen to rain, the other side could be totally dry. It all depends on what you'd like to do...there are threads on which Island is right for you on here. If you can't find it, let me know and I'll try to repost that info for you.
  • thanks jannelle

    think we booking through trail finders so will make a note of those remote places

    thanks again!!

  • We were in Hawaii (Oahu and Big Island) for part of our RTW honeymoon earlier this year. Really only the Honolulu/Waikiki area of Oahu is commercialised. That's OK for a few days to see the stuff you need to see (Pearl Harbour is amazing and very moving for example) but the rest really isn't. We stayed at the Diamond Head end of Waikiki for part of the time and the Turtle Bay resort on the North Shore for the rest... wonderful.

    Hawaii (Big Island) stark contrast to Oahu and we stayed in Volcano Village in a little wooden cabin with it's own lanai (balcony) which led into it's own patch of rainforest.

    We went because we wanted to see the volcanoes and there's been some recent activity there. Truly an amazing place. We flew into Hilo (less commercialised side of Big Island) but drove around the island too - we didn;t like Kona (opposite side - another airport there too) which was VERY COMMERCIALISED - so glad we didn't stay there. Full of the usual bars, Hard Rock cafe, posh hotels, tourist trap activities etc. The rest of Big Island wasn't very commercialised either. And if you go, we recommend getting a 4x4 from Harpers (the only car hire on island that'll let you drive to the top of Mauna Kea) - time it right and you'll get a tour of the observatories with a ranger too - but acclimatise yourself part way up at the visitor centre - the altitude does funny things to you head...
  • Just something to think about is the amount of money you would spend on food and alcohol etc if u are only paying for room only... it could get very expensive with excursions too!!

    Do you prefer the idea of an activity based honeymoon or a relaxing one? Some islands in the maldives... have more to do than others, and there are all sorts of excursions you can do.

    I know that Hawaii is very commercialised, but some of the smaller islands would be lovely. I think the weather is better in the Maldives at that time? I'm not sure though xxxx
  • JannelleCJannelleC Posts: 1,113
    December and January are usually beautiful in Hawaii. The North Shore will have big waves while the East/South shores should not. It is also whale season too.

  • I know that Hawaii is very commercialised, but some of the smaller islands would be lovely.

  • thanks girls

    is it hot in hawaii that time of yr

    i no its maldives hottest season but what temp would hawaii be

    silvercape i actually got a quote from turtlebay and it wasnt too expensive 4000 dollars for 7 nite honeymoon package but that was for an oceanfront deluxe, car, champagne, bed and breakfast

    what do u think?


  • Hi

    They are both beautiful places, we went to both same sort of time of year Hawaii (Oahu and Kauai) Sept/Oct 04 and Reethi Beach Maldives Sept 06. Both were relaxing Maldives slightly more as you haven't got so many activities/things you want to fit in. We liked Kauai more but Oahu had lots to do, Pearl Harbour etc. Depends on budget as we found Maldives cheaper than Hawaii. Though if we had a bigger honeymoon budget and if I could tear myself away from our son who will be 19 months when we get married I would choose Hawaii! But we will only be going away for 10 days max!

    Good luck in deciding! xx
  • JannelleCJannelleC Posts: 1,113
    Oahu is always warm. The only real change is when its has more of a chance of rain than an occassional 10 minute afternoon shower (winter tends to be a bit more wet on Oahu).
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