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Cancelling my honeymoon :-(...UPDATE!!

Due to starting a new job when we would have been on honeymoon, I am now faced with the task of cancelling my honeymoon!!

I never mentionned the wedding/honeymoon at interview as I am desperate for the job, and as I am the only one in the department, I don't feel like I can now ring up and mention that I now have a two week honeymoon booked!!

I paid a low deposit of £30 per person with First Choice, but I think to cancel I now have to pay £200 per person as it was a low deposit! Does anyone know if that is correct?? I don't have to pay for the holiday in full until 6th November, so what will happen if I just don't pay?? Will I still get charged?

I wasn't expecting that, especially as there is still 9 and a bit weeks to go!


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  • Why don't you just mention to your new employers and see what they say, they might just say it's ok, no point in cancellnig if you don't have to hun, they may surprise you and be really good about it.

    You could always say your H2B booked it as a surprise and you knew nothing about it until you mentioned your new job to him and then he had to come clean..

  • yeah i would definitely bring it up. i had to cancel my holiday for june this year, and we had paid something like £60 each, and we still had to pay £200 each, so it was like £520 for a holiday that we didnt even go on, and we had cancelled it like 5 months before! stupid! xx
  • AlexFinnAlexFinn Posts: 1,646
    Your new employers have to honour your existing holiday, i would speak to them and see what they say before cancelling.

    Hope you get it sorted. xxx
  • BoogiebabyukBoogiebabyuk Posts: 1,723
    I wouldn't cancel. They have offered you the job now so they can't un-offer it to you. I am sure they can wait 2 weeks
  • i def wouldnt cancel straight away either, im sure if you ask your employers nicely and explain its your honeymoon-they could be just as excited as you!!! plus youre entitled to holiday leave so you would be off at some point in the year anyway.

    if you do have to cancel then unfortunately you would still have to pay the remainder of the deposit. if you dont then they are liable to take legal action and take you to court to get the money back. however, you could defer the holiday by a few weeks/months to a date when your employers are willing?

    good luck and sure you'll still get to go on it!!
  • I spoke to First Choice and rather than cancelling and paying £400, they have asked us to pay a £20pp admin fee to move the holiday! Yey!

    However, we have decided to change the "late" honeymoon and we are now going to Sri Lanka for two weeks (last week in July, first week of August) in a private beach front bungalow for the same price as Dom Rep! Bargain!!

    To mark our wedding, we have booked a 3 night, four day stay in a 5 star London Kightsbridge hotel over New Years, with a champagne flight on the London Eye, London Zoo, Madame Tussards and first class return rail travel for £800 total price!!

    Really looking forward to both and just had to post about it, as I am so excited!!


  • That's good news image
  • Carrie - that's fab news and Sri lanka is a lovely place. You'll have an amazing time - be sure to hire a driver and go and explore .... it's an incredible island.

    Need advice - then just email me.

    C xx
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