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Anyone doing multi-centre honeymoon? Sri Lanka/Maldives?

Hi Ladies

Just wondered if anyone has booked/been/thought about doing this? It's something we are very interested in but are looking for some advice. I want to be totally isolated/relaxed (Maldives) and H2b wants to be able to do stuff such as tours, elephant safaris (Sri Lanka). Just wondered what it is like ie, cost, organisation etc.

Thanks for your help in advance!



  • Hi Hayes2b,

    We have booked to go to the Maldives only, as like yourselves I fancied the twin centres, however, you were limited on which hotels you stayed at. I wanted a particular place in the Maldives and even though booked when the new book came out found that the flights were already gone!

    So, make sure you book well in advance.


  • We booked 4 days in Hong Kong then 11 days in Ko Samui and we can't wait-our screensaver is H.Kong at night. It's perfect for both of us as we both love a lazy holiday (we went to the maldives 2years ago and it was the most amazing place ever, but we like to try somewhere different every year. I'll admit its been hard to top maldives!) But then we still get the experience and culture of a huge city like H.Kong (we love New York and was told its very similar).

    We booked through Thomas Cook Signiture as theyve always been so amazing, and for this one we built the holiday ourselves with a little help from the staff.

    One thing i was told, do the exciting bit first because the beach bit will be the perfect wind down. Ive heard of a few people to regret doing it that way x

    Also, one thing i found good, Trip Advisor. Really good to get a feel for the area and the hotels theyre pricing up for you x
  • vospercvosperc Posts: 147
    I was recommended to do this for our honeymoon, my partner wants to take his surfboard, suits me, as I'm happy laying on the beach with or without a book. She suggested booking with Hayes and Jarvis, I called them, their staff are very helpful, let me know how you get on!
  • We are thinking about doing this too, but won't be able to book until after the wedding (not planning to go until the following Jan/Feb) as we need a couple of months to save up again! If we can't find any this late we will go Maldives only, but we both fancy the pair!
  • samfoisamfoi Posts: 415
    Thanks ladies - and I agree I think it will be best to do the exciting bit 1st and then relax for the 2nd part! We are going to discuss it properly next week when we are both free so will update you all on what we decide to do! Am still hoping to do both though! x
  • We're going to Sri Lanka and the Maldives for our honeymoon in March. We're going with Hayes & Jarvis and we're doing a 5 day tour in Sri Lanka (Classic Ceylon tour) and then, after an extra night in Colombo, we fly to the maldives and transfer to Anantara for 8 night of pure unadulterated relaxing luxury!!!

    H&J have been really helpful...we're staying an extra night in Colombo cos otherwise we'd miss the last morning of the tour in order to make the flight to the Maldives (which leaves at about 10am).

    I honestly can't wait....I thnk I'm more excited about the honeymoon than the wedding at the moment (but that probably has more to do with the fact that I really need a holiday now!!!!!).

    I'm sure you'll find something that you'll love!

  • lozza24lozza24 Posts: 412

    Have you looked on Kuoni, I think they do twin centre, starting with sri lanka for 8 days, touring around..elephants etc and then there is the option of A 5 night extension in the maldives! We were thinking of doing something like that, gettting the best of both worlds and all that!

    When I looked a month or so ago, im sure it was coming up about £2700 for both of us!

    One of my friends did the tour and then maldives, but she said the beaches were amazing in sri lanka and she wished she had stayed there!

    Sorry rambling on! Hope this helps

  • Thats exactly what we're looking at doing too. Been looking in the First Choice book as they have some fab packages at great prices image
  • hi, me and my h2b finally booked our honeymoon last wk. after 3 days of phone calls to different tour operaters.we wanted multi centre holiday and the problem was matching all the flights so we wouldnt be hanging around in airports waiting for connecting flights.our honeymoon is 6th july , i assumed we would have plenty of time and that there would be alot of wrong. anyway, i stumbled across a site called "elegant travel",which advertised multi trip holidays with the prices and it was just what we wanted. 3 nights bangkok 7 nights phuket 3 nights hong kong.all 5 star hotels transfers flying with good airlines-emirates,and we wont have 7 hrs wait in dubai airport,longest wait will be 2 hrs! we got this just less than£2400 for the pair of us! i am over the moon and cant wait!

    give them a try,hope this helps x
  • I found elegant travel and so far they have been really helpful. They have put together an itinerary for an 8 night Sri Lanka tour (which I tweaked!) with a 6 night stay in the Maldives, all 4* hotels half board or all inclusive, for 2000-2300 each (depending on hotel choices). Also, the tour part we get our own private car and tour guide. Just waiting to hear if they do a honeymoon/gift list service.

    Has anyone used them before?

    P.S. I emailed Kuoni about their Ceylon/Sri Lanka tour, and they only depart on a Sunday. If anyone was interested...!
  • we had booked a honeymoon to sri lanka and maldives - flying with emirates and then having 8 nights touring round sri lanka with a private driver (which means we can stop wherever takes our interest and don't have to sit on a coach fo hours on end etc). the hotels in sri lanka were all gorgeous boutique type hotels rather than the larger complexes that some of the larger travel agents use. then were planning to head across to coco palm resort in maldives. we were thrilled with the itinerary as it was tailor made. unfortunately the travel company went bust and we lost our booking. After a frantic few days calling endless travel agents, we got a quote from a company called Experience Sri Lanka. They have been able to book us exactly what we were planning before - and even make some improvements, like more convenient time flights etc. Sam (at Experience Sri Lanka) has been fantastic and I would recommend them! we are paying approx 2500 each but are staying in some pretty fancy places (you only honeymoon once and all that!) so i'm sure that there would be ways to bring the cost down.

    final word- make sure your travel agent is ATOL protected ;\)
  • hi we have booked our honeymoon through trailfinders for april 09 we are traveling with srilanka airlines to male (maldives kerudu resort a/l) for 7 days that will be the relaxing honeymoon part lol we are also doing the robinson cruiso thing in the maldives where you stay on this private island just the two of you for a day.

    we then fly to columbo srilanka where we are staying in benetota beach for 7 days @ the taj exotica

    these where one of the cheapest through trailfinders (hotel) but still lovely 4-5*

    we are all inclusive the total price including everything was 4777

    we are doing a gift list service with trail finders so may get some money back think you pay it all first then if anyguests make a donation it goes into your bank account

    hope this helps

    x x

    p,s cant wait to see the elephants lol

  • Liz88ukLiz88uk Posts: 115
    Hi everyone!

    I just wanted to say that for all those worried about leaving their booking too late, we have at the last minute decided to change our honeymoon to Sri Lanka and the Maldives and have got a quote to do 3 nights in SL and 7 or 8 nights in the Maldives in February. We are booking through Trailfiners who have ben fab! We are also doing the private driver tour so that we can choose what we see!

    Good luck

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