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NYC & Vegas - How long?

clarryclarry Posts: 3,311

How long should we be aiming to spend in New York & Vegas? I've noticed a lot of the breaks are only a few days each. Is there enough to do at each place to stay a week or maybe more? We are hoping to go for a total of 2 or 3 weeks.


  • I've just spent 10 days in Vegas and didn't get to do everything, there is plenty and you could spend a couple of days just relaxing......enjoy x
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  • gymmonstergymmonster Posts: 5,522
    we did 3 nights vegas, 10 cancun and 2 NYC (Had been to the latter before). 2-3 days in Vegas is enough for me, I know people who go over and over again but its just not for me, once is enough i feel, depends on your taste. NYC on the other hand, I could easily spend a week, but would need thousands of pounds spending money! if you have the option , id say stay in NYC longer than Vegas. Happy to give any more tips...
  • clarryclarry Posts: 3,311
    Thank you ladies.

    I hear what you are saying Mrs B - h2b can't sit still though at the best of times and we both get really bored just 'relaxing'! We have looked into going to Hawaii or miami for a few days as well though.

  • BearCubukBearCubuk Posts: 1,145
    I love Vegas! Been 3 times & it was only when I stayed for 7 days that I had enough time to do everything that I wanted to. Can't wait to go back next year as there's so much to do and it's constantly changing. I love NY too, if you have time to get out of the city see NY State, the countryside is beautiful.
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  • I am just back from 7 days in Vegas and I could have done with another few days! I was there 6 years ago again for 7 days. I love Vegas. There is so much to see and do. 7 days is perfect!
  • Rach2282Rach2282 Posts: 107

    Me and h2b went to new york a few years ago for 5 nights which was nice but didn't get to do everything so def go for 7 days if you can and we did a twin centre a couple of years ago to Vegas & Hawaii and spent a week in each. We loved vegas and again didn't get to see everything. Hotels i would recommend in Vegas are Bellagio, Wynn & Venetian. We usually go with Virgin. x x
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