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Honeymoon in May but no longer than 6 hours!!!

Hi everyone...we get married on 3rd May and are finding it hard to decide on somewhere to go for our honeymoon.

Our last 3 holidays together have been long haul (Dominican and Mexico) and although I'd love to go back to Mexico, H2b really doesn't want to do long haul again this time and I am fine with that but where the heck can we go?? We want it to be hot (or relatively if we're struggling) and I don't fancy Spain/France/Italy or Greece...Can anyone suggest anywhere lovely?

thanks so much in advance!

Kirsty x


  • lrbpielrbpie Posts: 2,280
    How about Morocco or Egypt? The beaches aren't the best but it will be hot and there is loads of stuff to see and do.

    Alternatively how about Malta or Turkey if you want beaches? Or Sardinia is really gorgeous.

    Realistically a flight of less than 6 hours your only warm options are southern Europe or north Africa. With a slightly longer flight time you could consider Kenya or Dubai?

  • thank you irbpie...we've been to Egypt before and it was ok but I don't think we'd go back again. We've been looking at Turkey and although I've found a lovely hotel, theres something putting me off but can't put my finger on what it is?

    Hadn't considered Sardinia though...I'll take a look at that!

  • I would suggest Cyprus. It will be warm that time of year and it is a lovely place.
  • thanks Barnsley..ha ha, I'm from Barnsley!

    I've just been looking at Cyprus but don't know too much about it and oddly enough don't know anyone thats been who I could talk to about it..have you been before? Is there anywhere specific you would recommend?

    Kirsty x
  • Hi Kirsty

    where abouts are you from and when and where you getting married?

    We went to Aiya Napa but we used to got over to Nissi Beach through day as it was lovely.

    To be honest i dont think you can go far wrong anywhere in Cyprus, as loads of my mates have been to different places to me and loved it. I can say its they only place I have been where I could actually see my self living there.
  • kdaweskdawes Posts: 25
    We are going to morocco. only 3 1/2 hours. have a look at cadogan holidays morocco brochure- there are some amazing places.
  • Hel1976Hel1976 Posts: 248
    We went to Dubai last year in May and it was scorching hot!!

    We stayed at the Hilton Jumeriah which was right on the beach.

    The sea was like a hot bath.

    Cyprus is meant to be lovely not sure how hot it is in may though.
  • Hi Barnsley...I live in Elsecar at the moment, my H2B is from Wath (both went to Wath Comp) and are getting married at Tankerlsey Manor.

    Where are you from...what are you wedding plans..I know I have seen you on other bits of the forum but can't remember off the top of my head?

    I'll take a look at Cyprus then..a few people from work have told me how lovely it is today too...

    thanks again


  • thanks twinkle twinkle and Hel1976...have thought about morocco but haven't really looked into it so thanks for that...not sure about Dubai, H2B's best friend went last year (although stayed with family) and didn't rave about it so its not on his list...isn't it really expensive to get there and also when you are there (eating out etc...)

    thank you again for your help ladies


  • Mrs Ward

    Cant believe your living at Elsecar. Im from Birdwell and live near Tankersley in North Sheff. Do you go drinking local or into Barnsley?

    I got married in August at the little church behind the Manor and then we were up at Brooklands for our reception. Had such a fab day cant believe its all done with. Whens your day?
  • Ha ha...small world eh...we don't go out and about in elsecar or hoyland..far from my cuppa tea but we do hit Barnsley (altho its been a while due to the whole wedding saving thing!)

    How was your reception at Brooklands? we did look at Brooklands and actually booked it for June 09 but our plans changed and when we went back to them to rebook they were really unhelpful which is why we changed venues to Tankersley and they haven't been able to do enough for us...

    We get married on 3rd May and are holding the ceremony and reception up at Tankersley...I'm pretty nervous when I think about actually getting married..I've loved planning a wedding but when I stop to consider it will really be me walking down the aisle I turn into a nervous wreck!!

    Did you have someone to do your makeup?

    what did you do for your honeymoon....ayia napa wasn't your honeymoon was it?

  • Barnsley is still same as, was round other week and it was a nightmare - so busy.

    When we booked our reception we werent impressed by general managers attictude at Brooklands, and we mentioned it to coordinators. He was practically saying dont bother having it here if you dont want. it was like he knew its a nice hotel and they would fill date whatever. BUT after that and on the day general manager and the staff were totally brilliant. Nothing i asked was too much. We had been to a lot of do's up there and we had always had a good time and it was a place that meant somthing to us.

    We live just round corner from Manor, so really it would have been ideal with our church been behind it, but like you with Brooklands we had a couple of bad experiences so it put us off a bit. Got to say though I went to a wedding in April and they did redeem themselve, so we have started going for meals and drinks recently. Infact hubby met his family and friends there on morning of wedding before he went to church.

    I actually felt same about been emotional on the day, but to be honest I was calm as a cucumber. Me and hubby stayed together night before wedding and i actually saw him briefly before i went to hairdressers at 7am so I felt really calm up until getting into dress, then i started to worry as my dad and mum were late coming round to my house. They arrived and when cars took bridemaids and my mum to church the vintage car that was coming back for me it was late so didnt arrive to church till 1.15 and we were supposed to get married.

    Get ready for come down though next day and when you come back off honeymoon, its horrendous. If you dont fly the next day i would say get a group of your friends and family together to do something to distract you!

    As for make up my sil2b's best friend is a beautician. Shes really good, but not the cheapest as I had to buy my own makeup. Bonus for me though was she came to wedding so before evening do, she touched up my make up.

    We went to Bahamas on honeymoon. 8hr flight and it was fantastic. First time I had been longhaul, so the shorter flight was a bonus.

    Do you have everything booked? If you need any help with local suppliers give me a shout.
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