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honeymoon help!!!

both myself and h2b have had loads of off putting advice from family about where we should go!!

we get married on 7th august, and due to work can only have a 7 night honeymoon, we live in the south west, main airports are exeter, & bristol and gatwick is also do-able.

we want clear water, beautiful beach, falling distance from somewhere to not scorching hot ( i dont do heat very well!) snorkelling would be an added bonus! all for under £1000 each all inclusive...

i have trawled the net, and egypt looks ideal, but sounds like it will be too hot

help anyone??? suggestions of good deals at the moment would also be helpful!!image


  • clareabellaclareabella Posts: 3,001
    I was going to suggest egypt but i think august in egypt may be unbearable!

    We are only doing a 7 night break, we are going to kenya, staying at diani beach and doing a two night safari (the place looks nice enough to stay without the safari thoughif it's not your cup of tea). I don't know what the temp is in august as we're going in october and it should be about 30 degrees. it's costing us just over £2k including the safari.

    I'd go to the travel agents and just tell them what you're after, let them do some work for you, they may recommend something you wouldn't have thought of. Or just pick up loads of brochures and flick through for the average temp of places for that time of year
  • madogz77madogz77 Posts: 279
    thanks clareabella, i went to kenya a few years ago, but after a bad experience, i kinda vowed never to go again, but thats just me being a wimp!

    looking at some other posts, im liking to sound of mexico, seems a nice and relaxing place to go, with things to do if we want to, so im looking at that as an option too... just the damn heat!!
  • supertabbysupertabby Posts: 1,125 New bride
    Why not delay the honeymoon? We get married in July and everywhere we liked for a honeymoon is very hot in July and August, neither of us like very hot weather so we've opted to delay ours till Sept/Oct. We'll still have a few days somewhere in the UK after our wedding for a mini-moon!
  • madogz77madogz77 Posts: 279
    my only problem is work and school, my son is going away with my mum for a week, so we ideally want to have the same week away, then we are going to california next year all together...

    one ive been looking into is Turkey someone here at work suggested?? any one been? not somewhere i have looked into!
  • Han99Han99 Posts: 136
    I think the Canary Islands are meant to be nice in summer but not too hot. We went to Costa Adeje in Tenerife a couple of years ago and there are lots of lovely five star hotels there.
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