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Honeymoon surprize

Well My darling hub2b has decided he want to organise the honeymoon and keep itas a surprise becouse I have been complaining about doing the whole wedding I said yes but now I am so nervous we will end up somwhere gammy?

what do I do It will break his heart if I tell him I dont trust his judgement ohhh any ideas ??


  • fandannifandanni Posts: 737
    My h2b is organising our honeymoon as a surprise too. I'm afraid of dropping hints incase it's out of budget. If this isn't a problem for you then do drop hints. Like if you see a tv add for a gorgeous place say 'wow that place looks amazing'.

    Have you been away together to anywhere you loved before? If you wouldn't mind going back talk about how lovely that holiday was or just say about the things you love about good holidays in general.

    Where are you afraid you'll end up?
  • My h2b is organizing ours as a suprise. I have given him free reign with the exception a little of advice inc. want a beach holiday somewhere hot as opposed to skiing or a city break, and the rest is down to him! It is a bit scary but its one less thing to plan and worry about so i would just leave him too it and drop hints where possible! I did tell h2b that if he took me camping (he loves camping) it would be a very short marriage, so as long as i don't spend my honeymoon in a tent i'm happy!!
  • Ypu see thats what I am afraid of the like of camping or daytona beach where he can go racing but will end up at the beach on my own every day ha ha mabye thats not such a bad thing.
  • But racing at Daytona beach is awesome!
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