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H2B has changed his mind...

We've been looking at Sorrento for our honeymoon for about the last 4 months. We've not booked anything as H2B wanted to properly research all the hotels (men huh!!) before we made a final decision.

I honestly can't remember why we choose Sorrento, but all the reports and reviews have been good and I was starting to look forward to all the lovely sunshine and food!!!

However, now we've narrowed it down to about 3 hotels, H2B has suddenly changed his mind. He thinks we'll be bored and that there'll be too many extras that we'd have to pay for - eg trips to Pompeii etc... but surely there would eb extras where ever we went?!!?

So, now back to square one!

Does anyone have any thoughts on destinations we could look into? We got engaged in NYC but I don't know if I fancy it again so soon.

Nothing miles away - don't want to waste a day travelling. No remote islands - I get bored easily!!

Our budget is about £1500 each.



DG xxx


  • caitf84caitf84 Posts: 155

    If you don't want to spend a day travelling you're probably looking at a honeymoon in Europe. Here are a few suggestions:

    A girl I work with went to Austria for her honeymoon (a bit off the beaten track!) and had an action packed honeymoon, think she went somewher in the Alps which you'd usually consider during the winter for skiing...just a thought if you'd get bored with remote islands! Also you could consider somewhere in France - you'd have the good food & the weather or somewhere like Corsica or Sardinia, Simpson's do good deals on luxury accommodation there.
  • sbondxsbondx Posts: 350
    That is our bugdet is 1500!

    We are going to Thaliand, Bangkok, Phuket, a couple of nights in tree houses in thr national park and Kuala Lumpa - all 5* amazing - all for £1100 each!

  • Thanks for the replies. I think we are aiming more for Europe... well, having said that I don't know what H2B wants at all now!!!

    Someone said maybe Lake Garda... I'm so confused now. I see a visit to the travel agents for a 1000 more brochures coming on!

    DG xx
  • Egypt is 4 hours away and with a stay in Luxor or Cairo and a 3-4 cruise up and down the Nile with stops on the way plenty to do. The deals are always in the backs of news papers. Worth checking out if you want sun, culture and plenty to do.

    C x
  • clareabellaclareabella Posts: 3,001
    We're doing kenya, beach and safari (we also bore very easily) but i think it's about an 8 hour flight.

    It must be a man thing! Everytime we go away h2b changes his mind so many times before eventually going back to the first or second option, price has usually gone up in the meantime!!! image
  • biliboibiliboi Posts: 1,377
    Believe me, Pompeii is a trip worth paying for!!!!
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