Italy - Venice, Rome or both

Hi we are thinking of going on honeymoon to Italy and can't decide if we should do one week in Venice and one in Rome or both. We will be getting married towards the middle of April. Does anyone know how warm Italy is in April? Also if anyone has been to either Venice or Rome which would you suggest.


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    I dontknow what like as never been - but its your honeymoon so go for both x
  • hey me and h2b went to rome a few years ago and it was great we went in october and the weather was really good think i actually got sunburnx there is loads to do in rome we were there for days and didnt manage anthing so maybe do bothx either way im sure you will have a fab time xx

  • I'll be watching this thread with interest, we're having 3 nights in Venice, 3 nights in Rome, then 6 nights in Sorrento. We didn't want to drive, so we'll be getting the train between Venice and Rome. OH is very excited about being picked in a speedboat at Venice airport!

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    My husband is a huge fan of Italy (in fact he's in Verona as I type) and he would say both! Rome is a great city with tons to do, but Venice is magical and extremely romantic. You'll have a wonderful time, whatever the weather :\)
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    Thanks ladies x
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    Hi Smoggie

    H2B and I were in Rome last year at the end of April and the temperature was around 22-24c. Very pleasant. Funnily enough we were just checking on the average temperatures in Rome for our wedding in May!

    I would try to fit in both destinations for your honeymoon. There's loads to do in Rome, you'll have a great time!
  • We did Rome, Florence, Verona and Venice in August last year, travelling between them on the eurostar, and it was wonderful. Not enthused about Florence, but everywhere was amazing. I wouldn't do a week in Venice, but a week in Rome is probably perfect, I'd stick to maybe 3 or 4 days in Venice, and maybe stick in a few days to the coast, or Verona. The eurostars are amazing, quick, cheap and reliable, even in first class!
    I suggest splitting the time between Venice, Rome and possibly Florence.

    As previous posters have said, trains in Italy are super easy using Eurostar type trains on their inter-city routes. The webiste for TrenItalia is:

    and you can search in English on dates and times. It also gives you the price for the train tickets in 1st and 2nd class.

    However If you can squeeze it in, I really would recommend a day or 2 in Florence, I think its a wonderfully romantic city. Granted, in August its hot and teaming with tourists so I can understand why it might not be seen in its best light. But in April, it will be lovely and warm. We were there in April last year and have a fantastic time wandering through the streets in balmy mid 20s temperatures enjoying the city together before the summer tourist hordes descend!

    Rome and Venice both have very different feels to them. I love them both equally but for different reasons. Venice, just because its so uniquely situated, loved travelling around by boat and Rome for the history and art. Only draw back of Rome, in comparison with Venice / Florence, is that does have that big city feel to it as London and Paris do.

    Wherever you go, you will have an amazing time. Spring in Italy will be fantastic!

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    You will love Italy and you could easily do both cities. I would not do a week in Venice though, it's too long. We stayed 3 days and we saw everything, it really is gorgeous though.

    Like everyone else, we got the train between cities. We flew into Venice, with easyjet and had 3 nights there (the airport pick up by boat was ace)

    we then got the train to Florence for 3 nights, then the train onto rome for 4 nights and then onto Sorrento for 5 nights. we then flew home from Naples with BMI. It was a brilliant holiday and we loved every minute of it.

    We went in September and it was hot, so I think April would be lovely weather.

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    I've been to all three and Florence was definitely my favourite! Gorgeous place!!
  • We weren't actually bothered by the tourists, we just found it really smelly, which was very surprising, given we'd heard it was lovely and Venice was the smelly city!
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    I went to Rome years ago on a girls city break in November. It rained one day and was cold but the rest of the time was cardigan weather if that makes sense. I absolutely loved it and would definitely say it was my most favorite city after New York.

    H2B went in March a few years ago for a football match and we were snowed in here and they were in t-shirts!

    I wanted to go and see Michael Jackson in London and H2B really really didnt want to so as a compromise he said i could have a European city break instead and i think i am going to make it Venice as i have always wanted to go. Cant wait to hear what everyone thinks.
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    How long does it take to get from Rome to Venice (or vice versa) on the train?
  • Smoggie - it would take about 4 hours ish if I remember correctly.
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    lemoncheesecake you are doing what i did for honeymoon we spent 3 nights in venice which i thought was enough time there we saw everything in that time,we then got the train to rome which was a nice journey much better than the trains here,we then had 3 nights in rome which wasnt enough time in my opinion and we will have to go back,we then did 6 nights in sorrento that was also lovely,the temp in april will be lovely,we went in august and rome was the hottest place i have ever been! p.s i think a week in venice would be to long x
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    Depends what you want, and what sort of things you're into. I'd suggest a week in each, if you can.

    Venice is one of the great art cities in the world, so I doubt that you can 'see everything' in three days...if you have an interest in art.

    Trainwise, it can take 4 and a half hours if you take the fast train (which is also more expensive at 56 euros), or 6 hours on the slower train (at 41 euros).
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    I'd do both if you can. We went to Venice in May a couple of years ago, stayed for 3 nights and saw everything we wanted to. There was a lot more to do if we had have had extra nights though. I could have spent hours just wandering around - it's such a pretty place (but very expensive!). The weather was beautiful when we were there, warm but not too sticky.

    We went to Rome in January the year before and again had 3 nights which wasn't nearly enough. We'll definitely go back again for another long weekend. It rained, which wasn't a surprise in January! April should be nice weather in both.

    They are two of my favourite cities in the world and a great choice for a honeymoon. Hope you had a wonderful time. x
  • I've been to Rome a few times in March time and it was warm then, and went once in May when it was scorching, so I'm guessing it'll be v nice in April. It's my favourite city ever and sooo romantic. If you have time to go to Rome and Venice, I'd do both. Or maybe instead of doing two cities you could combine Rome with the lovely Tuscan countryside, or combine Rome with a few sunny days on the Amalfi coast in the south (definitely sunny then!). It's really easy to get around Italy by train so you should have no trouble whatever you decide. Have a lovely time. xx
  • hey smoggie

    we're going on honeymoon to both rome & venice this May/June 3 nights in each & I can't wait xx
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    I didn't actually like Venice... I thought it was quite dirty and very touristy... We did go in the height of summer though so April might be better. Loved Rome though.

    Definitely do 2 weeks of honeymoon, maybe think about Lake Garda for a few days instead of Venice for a whole week...? Somewhere like Malcesine, although the whole lake area is gorgeous, fab scenery. Our favourite road in the world is there! We did Venice in a day trip from Lake Garda so it's easy enough to get to from there.
  • This sie might help you look at train times and costs. Works in English too! I've used it when I've hopped around Italy before
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    Thank you all for you help it has defo helped x
  • Hi, girls!

    im so excited, Im also getting married in Rome,

    my future husband has done his proposal to me there, its such a wonderful and romantic city so we decided to get married there. Venice is very expensive, difficult to organise and its better to visit it in two just for a romantic weekend! I think.

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  • I think Venice is perfect..
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