How much are we all spending on our honeymoons ?

And for how long and where are you going ?

Juse being nosey and jealous really as our wedding isntgoing to be until 2012 as saving up ourselves and so probably wont be able to afford a honeymoon as well (plus have 3 children under 5 ! )



  • MrsSelveyMrsSelvey Posts: 925
    To much!!!

    We are having 2 weeks AI in Maurituis which has cost us £4600 (but we were quoted £5800 at a different travel agents for the exact same holiday!) I still can't believe we are spending so much, I would have been happy doing something much less extravigant but H2B wanted a luxery HM. We haven't even got central heating in our house - what we are spending on the HM could have paid for this and decorating! I can't believe how ridiculous we are being but hey-ho, you only live once!! And I am looking forward to it!! xx
  • Coconut2011Coconut2011 Posts: 3,752
    Theres another thread about this - I'll bump it.
  • jodaho88jodaho88 Posts: 2,356
    We're going to Bali for 2 weeks in a private villa with our own pool- bliss! It was just under £4,000 i think which is a bit extravagent for us but thought it was worth it for a once in a lifetime sort of trip (well, at least till our kids are grown up and flown the next).

    Can't wait to go and relax!
  • We're going to Mauritius for 15 days at the very end of june and its costing us just under £4000. I'm so excited and cannot wait to go!
  • We are going to Las Vegas and Hawaii for 3 weeks. We are spending 4900GBP and taking 5000GBP spending money - most of our hotels are room only! We were qouted 6000GBP by Virgin, and that was for rooms with no view!!! Kuoni wanted 11,000GBP and that was for indirect flights.... ended up booking individually ourselves!

    Can not wait - only 52 days until we fly out!!! image
  • Jo Jo Jo.. which travel company are u using for ur trip to Bali?? sounds great value! xx
  • WasMrsAshleyWasMrsAshley Posts: 1,042
    We're going to Maurituis and it's cost £4600...original quote £7200.....staying at the shandrani, which looks stunning x
  • EmmaRdotEmmaRdot Posts: 583
    I'm so jealous, I wanted to go to Bora Bora but my h2b doesn't like flying.

    So we're just going on a wee tour of England, staying in a few boutiqe hotels, shopping in London (can't wait)

    I've pouted a lot about not getting abroad but I'm actually really looking forward to it image
  • going to florida/disney for 2 weeks in august staying at the port orleans - riverside; including all the disney passes, universal passes, disney dining plan (all inclusive), transfers it came in at £3500 - very reasonable i think xxx
  • going to florida/disney for 2 weeks in august staying at the port orleans - riverside; including all the disney passes, universal passes, disney dining plan (all inclusive), transfers it came in at £3500 - very reasonable i think xxx
  • going to florida/disney for 2 weeks in august staying at the port orleans - riverside; including all the disney passes, universal passes, disney dining plan (all inclusive), transfers it came in at £3500 - very reasonable i think xxx
  • EmzillarEmzillar Posts: 444
    We are having a UK holiday / mini-moon with our 17 month old daughter.

    It cost us nothing, i won it in a magazine image ! All we need is obviously spending money and money for meals as it is self catering.

    We couldn't imagine going away without our daughter, after all thats what being a family is about image xx
  • Probably will be about 12 grand AI to Jamaica. Will be 5 star all the way including lovely first class flights with beds ahhhh.
  • GoldsGirlGoldsGirl Posts: 497
    no more than £1500 for both of us xxx
  • Em22UKEm22UK Posts: 206
    To be fair we havent looked in to it yet but i think we will spend a fair bit. We love going on holiday and spent 5k on a general holiday to Thailand and Hong Kong. Being our honeymoon im sure we will spend more but we are thinking of going to Fiji and its a long way

    I dont think it matters what you spend. We choose to spend lots as we have a small mortgage and no children (at the mo) and want to make the most of doing what we can while we can
  • lornatatelornatate Posts: 77
    We've spent £4k on a trip to Las Vegas (3 nights) and Hawaii (10 nights) all room only so I still need to save lots for spending money. Definitely splashing out far more than I thought we would but once we got out hearts set of Hawaii and going 5 star all the way the budget started to grow. 4k was top of the budget and we went back and forward to 4 different places until it came in just under without compromising on accommodation.

    We went to Cornwall for a week last year so that we could save up for this big trip!
  • Em22UKEm22UK Posts: 206
    We are not going on holiday at all this year to save for ours. We do have an £80.00 hotel voucher that we will probably use and go to Brighton for a couple of nights but sunshine in the garden is about all our be getting this year

    Worth it tho image
  • £2300 for 3 nights in bangkok and 12 nights hua hin in Thailand! Cant wait!! Get married next month!x
  • Im getting married in Hawaii, but the cost of the flights and accomodation for 2 weeks is costing approx £2400 for the 2 of us.
  • ls2blbls2blb Posts: 1,280
    We are looking at spending about 1500 quid (excluding dog's boarding fees) on three weeks in Ecuador! xxx
  • We are spending 2 weeks in a self catering apartment in Croatia and it's costing about £2100 for flights and accommodation and we'll take about £700 spending money for all our food and days out.
  • Debbie_85Debbie_85 Posts: 571
    We're looking at Sri Lanka or Mexico. No more than 3k tops. We're mid way through buying our first home and paying the entire wedding ourselves so can't reall justify mega bucks on a holiday.

  • jocognitojocognito Posts: 11
    We are spending just over £5000 for 6 nights in sri lanka and 7 nights in the maldives. I think we could have got it cheaper but we decided to fly with emirates rather than the cheaper sri lankan airlines so we could get upgraded business class flights imageWe shopped around a fair bit as we wanted to stay in a luxurious resort in the maldives. 3 months to go...
  • turtlepowerukturtlepoweruk Posts: 119
    Just over £5K for 5 nights in Stockhom and Ice-Hotel in Sweden. Its a once in a lifetime experience as we would not spend this on less than a weeks holiday!! Does include several tours though and most food. Can't wait image
  • shimmenashimmena Posts: 282
    Ours is costing a bargain £2700 including all excursions.

    We are flying to Maui (Hawaiian island) spending 10nts in a luxury cottage.

    Exursions include road to Hana seeing beautiful waterfalls etc, night viewing of the stars onto of a dormant volcano, sunset cruise and of course hawaii would not be complete without seeing a traditional Lana with dinner and drinks.

    I'm so excited and think we got a real bargain by booking flights and accomodation ourselves. I'm sure we would of spent over 4k if we used an agent!
  • Hey girls,

    Not getting married till 30/07/2011 started looking for our honeymoon cant seem to find anythin online what site or travel agents are u all usingimageimage
  • MrsHadfield2BMrsHadfield2B Posts: 125
    We have found a real hidden gem boutique BnB in Sri Lanka and it is £560 for 2 weeks (total) and then £473 each for flights! Will pay extra for a mini tour whilst there as the hotel owner will drive for us x
  • MrsMac-FMrsMac-F Posts: 959
    We're going to Mexico and are looking to spend no more than 2.5k. Luckily my friend works for Thomas Cook so she can get us a big discount and some freebies thrown in too!
  • mrs2be2010mrs2be2010 Posts: 235
    We are going to Mexico, 11 nights AI in Jan for £3200.
  • JenniferellJenniferell Posts: 33
    We're spending £1850 and taking another £2000 to spend. We're going to NYC for 5 days. Can't go longer as we have a 1 yr old (well she'll be one on the wedding day!) so don't want to leave her any longer. all your hol's sound amazing, jealous of you's all lying on beaches! I wanted a city break though, been to NYC before, and as soon as you've been you want to go back. It's something we would never have been able to do again with a young family so thought this made perfect sense.
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