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Disney..Woo Hoo..

I know we should be going to some lovely beach or safari, but we're going to Disney World...a few days in New York first then off to the magical kingdom...soooo excited, but have to way until May 2011....plenty of time to get my mickey ears!

Would anyone else consider Disney?? x


  • gemmy84gemmy84 Posts: 4
    Hi baileyboo

    My and my h2b are going to Florida on honeymoon we cant think of spending it anywhere else as this is our happy place! were really excited we just havent picked where to stay yet x
  • hi there,

    I'm also off to Orlando for my honeymoon, flying out on the 20th April, am soooo excited, have always wanted to go since I was a little girl, can't wait, its gonna be awesome!!!
  • Yay, everyone I speak too say I should go for the normal beah, safari blah blah, but I too have lways wanted to go to disney!! Am so happy We're not alone! x
  • i went last year for my holiday and you'll have a brilliant time, and you should always go where you want to go not where people tell you! x
  • HannikinsHannikins Posts: 1,046
    hell yes!!! I went for 2 weeks last year and H2B got down on one knee and proposed, it was the best holiday EVER!!!
  • sanetsanet Posts: 48
    Hi there

    We are also off to Disney, well we're doing 4 nights in Miami, 4 nights in Clearwater and then 6 nights in Orlando. We have been to Florida & disney quite a few times as it's such a magical place. We LOVE IT!!!
  • hi all!

    We're going to Disney too!! i CAN NOT wait we're kids at heart! been twice and fell in love with it.. we stayed in a villa the 1st time round and the holiday inn 2nd. This time to make it more special we are staying in the Port Orleans -Riverside.. we got a good deal and went for the eating plan too which is defo worth looking into! We have done our wedding registry on the disney website too.. fantastic idea! its nice knowing our guest can buy us a meal in planet hollywood or buy us the bride and groom mickey ears! (even our cake topper is mickey and minnieimage

    Hope you have a lovely time - i have to wait till 16th august!


  • feeona123feeona123 Posts: 570
    we're off (hopefully) 4th May - first time can't wait!image

  • We're off to Disney on our honeymoon too! Just less than 4 weeks away, can't wait, we've had it booked for more than a year and thought it'd never get here! Our wedding present to each other is going to Discovery Cove, and we have all our park tickets and are staying in the Caribbean Beach in Disney itself. Everyone thought it was an odd choice too, but it totally suits us, neither of us are very good at the lying on a beach thing.
  • DisneyCMFDisneyCMF Posts: 1,718
    We went to Disney World on our honeymoon last year too (in fact we've been to Disney 4 times in the last 4 years). You will absolutely love it. We had an amazing time (as always). I don't think there is anywhere in the world that can compare to it. Even if you are not a big Disney fan there is still something totally magical about the place. We stayed in Pop Century.
  • LeanneKMLeanneKM Posts: 90
    Oh my life so excited reading this, we're going to Orlando for 3 weeks for our honeymoon. Staying at JW Marriott- Grande Lakes,

    Then staing at Grand beach then ending our honeymoon at Orlando World Center.

    Cannot possibly wait till 1st December!!!! Whos' wearing the micky mouse ears?!?!

  • Love Disney so much, you'll have an amazing time. I wanted to go back for our honeymoon but didn't have enough money to go so going to Jamaica instead. Make sure you get your minnie mouse ears with the little veil attached, so cute image
  • Becky85ukBecky85uk Posts: 434
    We are now saving hard so we can go in 2012 image i cannot wait its going to be amazing.. any recommendations or websites so we can get something reasonably priced?

    woooo xx
  • just posted a new topic about disney and all their secrets.. dont wanna spoil it for anyone but check out the website! x
  • Becky85ukBecky85uk Posts: 434
    Thanks =]
  • carol-annewcarol-annew Posts: 196
    We got married in Florida last year. We had a fab time. We didnt stay on site as we booked a beautiful 5*condo in Vista Cay but we had a car so were able to travel easily to all the parks. We booked it all independently and saved over £1000 from the cheapest quote we got from a travel agent, and that was only for 2* hotel room. Definitely price things up yourself and remember to book on a credit card if going DIY. Would love to go again myself!!
  • niclou79niclou79 Posts: 1,142
    We're looking at going to Disney, but been told we can only book flights in 2-3 weeks time for next April, so we're gagging to get on with it! Looking at 9 nights in a villa, flights and car hire for £1600. Does this seem reasonable to you all?

    I went 5 times between the age of 10 and 17, they're some of the best memories of my childhood. My only worry is that it still lives up to my memories! From what i've read here, it's still as magical as an adult!
  • katiesarah83katiesarah83 Posts: 473
    We are going to Disney next year for a 'honeymoon' too and can't wait!

    We got married this year (1st May!) and had planned to go to Disney for our honeymoon but then I won a honeymoon (on this site actually!) to Antigua so we are headed there in a couple of days (already had a mini moon courtesy of my parents - we are very lucky!).

    We will have been married for a year by the time we go to Disney but we are still booking it as a honeymoon and plan to get the bride and groom ears - we are paying for it with money people gave us as wedding gifts so it does feel like another honeymoon!

    I think Disney is a great choice - it really is the happiest place on earth so who cares what anyone else says?! You will have a blast just remember to get lots of photos and do at least one character meal - so special!!
  • Bride09Bride09 Posts: 204
    i wld but i worked in disney world so not my first option image want to go back one day tho with my husband and hopfully kids image
  • i would love to work at Disney!! but then i would have no where to go on holiday lol

    i cant wait 12 weeks!!!! disney, im coming home!! image
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