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Anyone else worrying about Thailand honeymoon?

facetfacet Posts: 697
I wasn't too worried when it was just Bangkok that was advised as being off limits to tourists, we only planned to spend our first 3 days there and if the worst came to the worst we could skip it out and move on straight away. But now the FCO are advising against travel to the whole of Thailand! I'm not going til October but I'm worried about the impact this could have on my honeymoon. I've spent so long researching to book the best places. I have insurance but don't know if it would cover this which would be a nightmare, nevermind having to rebook everything. Anyone else in the same boat?


  • your not going till october?

    I wouldnt worry about it!! feel for the brides that are going soon! I meant to go for my honeymoon in 5 weeks!! others less!! now thats something to worry about!!
  • I'm going at the end of July. A colleague told me she saw or heard on the radio that the people behind the protests are from the mountains/rural parts and that once it starts to rain they will disappear to tend to their crops. Not sure how true this is?!Rain, rain, rain, rain!
  • facetfacet Posts: 697
    Sorry I didn't mean to be insensitive, obviously it's of much bigger concern for the couples that are due to be heading off soon but at the time of posting I couldn't see any other threads discussing it.

    Not sure about the crops/rain thing but fingers crossed! When there was political unrest in Kenya they took a long time to change the travel advice but Thailand strongly relies on tourism so I'm sure they will be keen to change the advice as soon as it is safe.
  • KatnipukKatnipuk Posts: 5
    We are due to fly out to Thailand on 25th May and so are devestated about this recent news as now have no idea what will happen, spoke to Kuoni today but they dont know much either as the official announcement only happened today. We paid for our honeymoon in full ages ago and got a good deal as we booked a while ago. Had planned to stay in Koh Samui then stop at Bangkok on the way back for a couple of days. Is anyone else due to go out soon? What have your travel agents said so far? Are you being offered alternative destinations?
  • We are going in 2 weeks. Now I am getting worried!
  • We're supposed to be flying on Monday and have been told by Kuoni that they're not honouring the booking because of the Foreign Office - absolutely gutted and don't know what to do image
  • MoonlyukMoonlyuk Posts: 81

    So are they offering a full refund ? I did not realise that they may not honour the booking because of that. What are they suggesting? - I wrote a reply on the other thread as well
  • iclepickleiclepickle Posts: 104
    Hello Brides,

    My parent in laws ( to be) live in Bangkok and say its fine. The news makes it look so much worse than it is. I saw this first hand as we were there in March when it started to kick off. Youd watch the news and think it looked like a war zone, then walk around the city and I didnt see any unrest at all!

    Its in contained areas therefore jsut be careful where you go. Im sure the Hotels will offer you advice on this.

    Try not to be worried and just be sensible about where your going.

    Have a lovely time xxx
  • facetfacet Posts: 697
    Thanks MrsAshton2be! A colleague of my h2b's just came back from Bangkok after being stuck for an extra 2 weeks post volcanic ash and she also said that she noticed nothing of the extremes being portrayed, infact nothing at all!
  • The problem is though because its been put on the lists of countries they advise you not to go to, any travel insurance you have will be invalid.

    So if you get ill, you will have to pay any costs yourself. Same with flight/hotel/luggage problems. Its a big risk to take. It may not be the problems in the country itself that end up giving you a problem.
  • GayleBrown1GayleBrown1 Posts: 83
    Oh my God I knew nothing about this until today!!!!! We're going at the beginning of July...
  • han2403han2403 Posts: 21
    We are supposed to go to Thailand on 30th June, am not overly concerned about it in the grand scheme of things, what will be will be! For those going with Kuoni, I believe they are contacting people due to go in the next 7 days on a rolling basis and offering an alternative holiday or a free cancellation which is good and a bit of peace of mind. Presumably other tour operators will do the same.

    Fingers crossed we will be able to go!
  • HappyEverAfterx2HappyEverAfterx2 Posts: 4,075
    im going 1 june.

    We booked with Thomsons. They have said all people travelling up to 5th may can get free transfer to another holiday or refund, and for me to ring back on the 5th to see if they have extended this on (which im sure they will)

    I was very worried but now i think, we will be going somewhere nice as we will transfer it to another place if not Thailand, and as long as we are together somewhere hot for 2 weeks we will be happy! and visit thailand another time.x
  • Been researching Travel Insurance and phoned 1stop travel Insurance yesterday, they like others have changed thier policy so that you are covered against everything apart from anything related to the Riots. So if you stay out of Bangkok there shouldn't be a problem.
  • GayleBrown1GayleBrown1 Posts: 83
    The FCO have changed their advice and now only advise against Bangkok. Nice one!
  • HappyEverAfterx2HappyEverAfterx2 Posts: 4,075
    yep i read that! looks like its getting better!!

    My travel agen say anyone traveling up to 10th may can get a transfer or refund. im june 1st so hoping all sorting by then!x
  • looby82looby82 Posts: 397
    Yay! Great news! x
  • emmab333emmab333 Posts: 5
    Im meant to be going 3rd June, my fiance's dad lives there and he says there is nothing to worry about!

    Although, I would be a bit concerned if we couldnt get insurance to cover us, what if we get ill or loose our luggage...ahhhh!!

  • GayleBrown1GayleBrown1 Posts: 83
    I see the S**t has hit the fan again.
  • HappyEverAfterx2HappyEverAfterx2 Posts: 4,075
    yep! image i just want to change my honeymoon to somewhere else! but if i do it before they say i can we will get charged!! so have to wait!!x
  • MoonlyukMoonlyuk Posts: 81
    We are still hoping it will all calm down and have not rebooked yet. So far we have only booked the flights. We are considering Singapore and East Coast of Malaysia instead of Bangkok and Koh Samui. Due to fly out on August 9th so still plenty of time but flights to Singapore/Malaysia are going up in the meantime...
  • We were due to go on the 30th July, but we have already re-booked while we still only had to pay an admin fee. We are now going to the Maldives instead. Obviously cost alot more, but at least we have peace of mind now.
  • MrsS_ToBeMrsS_ToBe Posts: 23
    We are going early September. I know its still 4 months away but getting quite worried. I don't want to have to change it a couple of weeks before travel, if I were to change it now I wouldn't have a clue where else to go, where its going to be hot and not monsoon/hurricane season.
  • Soon2bMrsESoon2bMrsE Posts: 204
    What's everyone doing about their Thailand honeymoons?

    I spoke to travel agent today and they said there is nothing they can do until about a week before. We are due to go on 11th July so it is just a case of waiting to see what happens. I wanted to change to a different destination, but if we do that now we will have to pay big cancellation fees for the flights.

    I really hope things get sorted out soon, I will be so gutted if we cannot go.
  • HappyEverAfterx2HappyEverAfterx2 Posts: 4,075
    Hi, we were meant to go 1st june, but are going to travel agent tomorrow to change it! That is the earliers we have been allowd to change it!!

    Im quite excited now tho, its exciting there are so many other places we want to go, its hard to choose!

    And we get married sat!! so lots of excitment! Its not how we planned it, booking honeymoon 3 days before, but hopefuly we will get a fab last minute deal!!

    Very excited!!image
  • HappyEverAfterx2HappyEverAfterx2 Posts: 4,075
    Well i have had a very stressfull 3 hours in thomsons!!

    Firstly the girls in Thomsons were great really fantastic!! but the stupid idiots they have to call to ask if they can chnage booking etc are complete fuckwits!!!

    The people on the phones told us last week that we could change out honeymoon today, so we have been looking and went today to change it, only to be told today that they are only changing trips up to 30th may!! we travel 1st june!!!

    So angry and upset achually cried in the shop!! The girls were fab and spent hours, trying to find loopholes etc to get round this, in the end the a peson on the phone said that it is only bangkok that we cant stay in but we can travel through it, and as a 'favour' to us she well let us change our booking so we have the extra 3 nights at our 2nd hotel!!

    So after all that stress, dont know why they couldnt of just done and said that 3 hours earlier!! we are now spending 15 nights in our gorgeous boutique hotel in hua hin

    AND WE CANT WAIT!! yay!!

    it was the not knowing that was stressing me out!!

    So even tho i am drained and exhausted right now, im mega excited!!
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