Malaria Tablets ! How much are you paying ????????

I have been to pick up my private prescription today from the pharmacy. 2 weeks worth of cover for 2 of us was a handsome £139 ! I couldnt believe it !

The docs said it was 21p a tablet which seemed reasonable but apparently they retail to joe blogg at 69.65 for 24 ! How crap is that ! I have had malaria tabs before and neverc had to pay for them couldnt believe it. Add that to the price of Yellow fever jabs at 50 quid a piece and its proving to be an expensive honey moon.

What are your experiences on this ?


  • MangoToesMangoToes Posts: 477
    I took Malarone when I went to Vietnam a while back as I wanted to avoid all the awful side effects you get with the cheaper ones like mefloquine (my travel partner took mefloquine and had some pretty hairy moments!!). I seem to remember being charged around £70 for the Malarone, which was for 2 - 3 weeks worth (sorry for being vague, it was a few years ago now!). Personally I thought it was worth the money to avoid the side effects, although it's worth remembering none of these drugs actually prevent you getting malaria so you should also make sure you are investing in top quality anti mozzie sprays etc. I was advised to take vitamin B12 for 2 weeks before I went as apparently it changes the scent of your blood and makes you less attractive to the mozzies. I was generally quite pedantic about my anti-mozzie regime but it worked, i didnt get bitten ONCE in the whole month we were there!
  • VodkaggirlyVodkaggirly Posts: 721
    Shop around - differnt chemists have different mark ups. I can't remember the exact price but I saved about £50 due to a few phone calls and if we could of waited for mail order it would of been more.
  • rjsmumrjsmum Posts: 260
    Good lord!! where are you honeymooning?

    We are planning kenya in Aug so am trying to figure out how much it will be...

  • We are honey mooning in Kenya too! But its really worth making sure you are paying for good ones as soe do give you some horrible side effects .Thank you for your advice ladies i definitely think i made the right choice with the malarone ! Also rjsmum , yellow fever jabs are between 40-70 each i phoned around to see which was best.
  • JezneyJezney Posts: 11
    I went to Kenya Oct 2008 and am going back for my honeymoon in August.

    I took mefloquine and it only cost me about £30 for 2 weeks whereas H2B had a different tablet and paid double. Had no side effects - I think it's luck of the draw really!

    Yellow Fever jabs cost £50 each.

    Hope this helps! x
  • Garfyuk1Garfyuk1 Posts: 585
    we went to kenya and paid £60 each for 22 malarone tablets.
  • We paid £85 in total for 16 malarone tablets. So £42.50 each
  • rjsmumrjsmum Posts: 260
    thanks for the info ladies.. xxx
  • Its really worth the pounds to get the more expensive ones.

    I had some crazy moments on the cheaper ones. They really mess with your head!
  • mlturnermlturner Posts: 256
    Remember as well that Malarone is the only one that doesn't interact with the contraceptive pill...worth remembering if you aren't planning a honeymoon baby image xxx
  • sel11sel11 Posts: 423
    If it is Malarone you were prescribed its very cheapest price (in british national formulary) is £25.21 for 12 tables. but obviously there is likely to be a mark up on that. So not sure were your GP got 21p a tablet there are much cheaper antimalarials but you need to talk to your travel nurse and discuss were you are going and as pink pen says contraception! xx
  • loulou_bloulou_b Posts: 466
    we got tablets for our trip to dominican from the asda pharmacy. our doctor recommended it as the cheapest place to get them, so worth cheking that out.

    incidentally....i didnt realise that in some areas you had to pay for your injections? i needed 2 last year for DR and didnt have to pay a penny for any of them (Birmingham area).
  • MrsRS2BMrsRS2B Posts: 240
    I feel guilty reading this. I have lupus, and have to take anti malaria tablets for it. I just pay the normal prescription charge for 2 months worth, I didn't realise that they normally cost more than that. At least I don't have to take any extra whilst on honeymoon.
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