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Just booked Swedish adventure .....

Just had to tell everyone about our Swedish adventure booked with Simply Sweden.

We are leaving on new years eve 2010 for 2 nts in Stockholm then fly to Kiruna where we get our own husky transfer to the Ice Hotel. Our first night we stay in an ice room and have booked a 7 course meal in the ice-hotel itself. Next day we go on a Sami Cultural Tour and Northen Lights tour and stay in warm accomodation image

For our last night we have booked an overnight snowmobile wilderness adventure where we stay in a wilderness cabin with sauna and hot tub.

We couldn't honeymoon for more than a week as H2B has just gone self-employed plus it's his big 40 in January so want to go away then too if pos.

Would appreicate any advise and tips from anyone who has been. Off to a ski sale tomorrow so hoping to grab some bargins.


  • dmalliaukdmalliauk Posts: 26
    Wow - that all sounds amazing - I would like to do something similar - we have looked at a Baltic cruise which visits about 9 cities inc - copenhagen/oslo/st pittersburg etc...

    May I ask - how much is that costing you?

  • turtlepowerukturtlepoweruk Posts: 119
    Hi dmallia,

    Its costing over £4k. It is alot but we have wanted to do this for such a long time and a honeymoon is the perfect excuse to have a blow out.

    A Baltic cruise sounds good too. You would get to see such alot in those 9 days plus some chilling out time.
  • sparkleflakesparkleflake Posts: 591
    Turtle will have the most magical amazing experience!!!!! Enjoy enjoy enjoy!!!!! The food at Ice Hotel Restaurant is to die for!!!!
  • turtlepowerukturtlepoweruk Posts: 119
    Thanks Gypsy Girl. Any tips you can offer to deal with the cold? image
  • sparkleflakesparkleflake Posts: 591
    Oh defo!!!! Get the disposable hand and foot warmers from e-bay (they are cheaper than in the shops) as they are a saving grace. The suits, boots and gloves ice hotel give you are amazingly cosy so a few layers underneath and you will be toasty. If you are going on trips, the outer layer suits are also provided by the companies but we just wore ice hotels even though it was Kiruna Guidetur trips that we went on!!! No-one batted an eye lid!! We did the Northern Lights snowmobile trip which lasted til about 11pm and we felt the cold by then (mainly my hands and mouth as my neck gaitor was frozen solid!!) but the temp had dropped to minus 24 so that is to be expected. Our husky trip was during the day and was breathtaking as it started to snow as we returned back to the drop off point. The food on the trips is tasty too. My main tip would be hand and foot warmers, good thick ski socks, thermal layers/fleeces and a good hat& neck gaitor. I got most of my base layers from M&M sports direct (just google it) as they were much cheaper than ski shops. Round Autumn/winter they will get ski gear in and my guests got ski coats, socks and ski trousers from that site as well for not too much money. Oh and a wee vodka at the Ice bar is surprisingly warming!!!!!!

    Any other questions,,,just ask!! I love talking about Ice Hotel!!!
  • turtlepowerukturtlepoweruk Posts: 119
    Thanks for that Gypsy Girl. Did you go there for your honeymoon too?

    Do you suggest buying some kind of snowboots to wear over there or just keep to the ice-hotels?

    Managed to pick up a half price North Face jacket this weekend at a ski centre which was closing down image

    I'm sure I will have LOADS of questions to ask you Gypsy Girl over the coming months......
  • sparkleflakesparkleflake Posts: 591
    Hi there, no we are heading to Vegas for our honeymoon in July but stayed for 5 days at Ice Hotel for our wedding. Having a wee break between the wedding and hnoeymoon due to my husbands job!

    I brought snow boots with me to wear with my jeans as we went to Stockholm first but I ended up wearing the ice hotels as soon as we got north as they were lovely and cosy!!!

    That's a great saving on the NOrth Face jacket!!!! Pick up as many bargains at this time of year as your can...every penny counts!!

  • turtlepowerukturtlepoweruk Posts: 119
    A wedding there? Fantastic.

    Went to Vegas for my 30th, you will have a ball!

    Great tip on the snowboots. I won't bother spending a fortune then if I'm just going to wear them in Stockholm.
  • SarahLou6SarahLou6 Posts: 551
    What an amazing honeymoon! I loooooooooove Sweden. I went to uni there and did heaps of travelling during the hols and its without doubt one of the most amazing countries in the world (and I've been to a few!!)

    Good on you for chosing something different to the norm - you will have an absolutely fabulous time xxx
  • sparkleflakesparkleflake Posts: 591
    Yip, we had our wedding in the Ice Chapel at Ice Hotel!!! It was sooo class!!! You will prob see some weddings when you are there as there is generally one most days of the week!!!
  • kerriganchankerriganchan Posts: 1,019
    This is exactly the sort of thing we are looking to do! I am allergic to the sun and we both love the idea of staying in an igloo/ice room image x
  • Bride09Bride09 Posts: 204
    please note that things are very expensive there. i am from norway and prices are same. just fyi image enjoy!!

    oh and ice house is much colder then you will imagine so bring loads of clothes as u sleep on ice beds
  • turtlepowerukturtlepoweruk Posts: 119
    Thanks Ladies.

    About seven months to go now image
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