booked honeymoon in greece, bad idea??? help!!

dummymummydummymummy Posts: 1,010
hiya ladies, hope the planning is going well!

just been thinking about our honeymoon which we've had booked for a few months now to greece, halkidiki, the sani beach resort and spa. Im starting to panic that with all the drama in greece at the minute, whether we should try and opt out!! im scared we'll get there to riots lol.

Please can anyone offer any support/advice


kim xxxxx


  • niclou79niclou79 Posts: 1,142
    This is the only advice that the foreign office has:

    There doesn't seem to be anything anywhere advising not to travel, or that holidays shoukld be a problem. You could ring your travel agent/company, but i'm guessing that as they still want your business, they'll tell you it's all fine!

    On GMTV the other morning, a travel expert was raving about all the cheap deals to Greece at the moment, so i'm guessing it must be fine for you to go. As long as you booked with ATOL protected people.
  • fruitpastille25fruitpastille25 Posts: 1,030
    futuremrsrich - we are going to Crete in July and thinking the same thing! Fingers crossed everything will be ok x
  • dummymummydummymummy Posts: 1,010
    yikes, has anyone else booked to go to greece? or are we alone mrs rowntree!! x
  • HappyEverAfterx2HappyEverAfterx2 Posts: 4,075
    I feel your pain, as we have the same problem but with Thailand! We are meant to go there for our honeymoon 1st june!!x
  • TrinaDukTrinaDuk Posts: 57
    I've booked to go to Santorini in Greece in July. Lets keep our fingers crossed that it will all die down image
  • dummymummydummymummy Posts: 1,010
    hiya ladies any news on our greecian honeymoons?? now we have this bloody volcanic ash to worry about too!!! nightmare xx
  • drobinson1984drobinson1984 Posts: 1,071
    Stay calm - generally riots occur in the main cities such as Athens, they tend to stay away from tourist areas. I think if anything the problems the Greeks are experiencing will play in your favour as things will be cheaper once you're out there etc. I work for a tour operator and we deal with stuff like this all the time, so I wouldn't worry overly.
  • Greece is fine.

    If there was a riot in London you wouldnt worry about going to Birmingham would you! This is no different dont worry. Ive been in London when a riot or protest was going on for G8 or something and you have no idea unless you were on that actual street.
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