Who is excited for Las Vegas? Woo Hoo

lucyc1uklucyc1uk Posts: 448
Who is excited for going to Las Vegas? Not long now until I'm off as part of my multicentre honeymoon. Just wanted to see who was going and see if you are as excited as me!!!


  • tivegasbridetivegasbride Posts: 365

    i got married in Vegas last october and we will be booking for next september as soon as my flights come out. i did multi city too where else are you gonig?
  • lucyc1uklucyc1uk Posts: 448
    Hi Ti bride, we are doing seven nights in Hawaii, 3 nights vegas, 5 nights mexico and 3 nights new york- will be totally jet lagged the whole time no doubt but pleased Vegas is a 24 hour place so we can sleep all day and party all night! What do you recommend doing- we are only there 3 nights so want to see as much as possible. We are staying at the Venetian so probably a cheesy gondola ride is the first thing we'll do.image
  • iam iam iam!!!!

    just booked vegas for H2B wedding present as he's always wanted to go. going 24th oct staying at the bellagio.

    any tips on what to do while there would be great!!

  • lucyc1uklucyc1uk Posts: 448
    Hi cymrubride we have looked at seeing a cirque du soliel show, seeing the Blue Man Group- my bro saw them in UK and said it was both crazy and amazing. I would like to do a helicopter trip over the grand canyon- but only there 3 days and some of the trips are like a 7 hour day. I think just looking at all the amazing hotels will be a day in itself! Will deffo go to the bellagio fountains- lots of people have recommended the restairant Mon Ami Gabi at the Paris hotel- where you can sit outside and watch the fountains at the bellagio, so hope to do that.image
  • I am getting married at Graceland 27th Aug 2010 with a cheesy Elvis impersonatorimage we originally told the family we would marry in Cuba next year but the paperwork (both been divorced) is just too much and it stressed me out just thinking about it so we will tell them when we come home and still want a ceremony next year in Cuba!! Get to marry my lovely man twice!!..This will be our 8th time to vegas in 5 years so i guess you can say we LOVE IT!!!!..best place ever!!!
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