Best website for Multi-centre holidays?

MrsM17MrsM17 Posts: 368
Kuoni, Virgin, Trailfinders have lots in their brochures. I think like you I'll be looking on here after our honeymoon- the best advice on holidays comes from the info people give on here. x x


  • pinkypukpinkypuk Posts: 26 looks good 4 multi-centres, depending on your destinations there is also travelbagasia or, we are thinking on using these peps when we come to book ours.
  • Kuoni is good, even if you just want to look at prices and hotels xxx
  • SurreyBrideSurreyBride Posts: 222
    Travelmood are good too - they can tweak their packages to suit you. We used them a couple of years ago to go out to Borneo, then asked them to bolt on extra flights over to Sipidan so we could go diving mid-way through our package. Very flexible and good experience with their agents.
  • SarahSukSarahSuk Posts: 1,667
    We went with Cosmos - booked through First Choice - we did a multi centre holiday in America x
  • mazamaramazamara Posts: 27

    find the hotels you like from reviews, get a flight from internet, grab a taxi from the sirport.... You'll spend half the money. I'd never use a travel agent again, what can they do that we can't?

    Travel insurance covers eventualities..

  • lucyc1uklucyc1uk Posts: 448
    All the travel papers and magazines are recommending booking a package at the moment- tour operators have given people protection during all the volcanic ash problems. If you had booked a multicentre trip yourself during this time you could have lost pretty much your whole holiday. If you book a package they have to find you an alternative flight/ hotel/ or give you a refund, they also look after you if you get stuck abroad. If you book it all apart yourself, you would need to fund this yourself and try and claim back later. Very few insurance companies covered the volcanic ash problems or if companies go bust.Travel insurance also doesn't always cover strike action by airlines etc. This link gives advice its the Government own website Consumer direct:

    Personally I wouldn't risk booking all the parts separately while the volcano (and strike action) is a problem especially if it is costing lots. You might save money before you go, but would you have enough spare cash to pay for hotels, food etc if you got stuck somewhere. I know two people who were stuck abroad for nearly two extra weeks without any money during the first volcano ash cloud etc. A friend who went with a tour operator got placed at an all-inclusive hotel and didnt have to pay out a penny.

    This link shows your rights if you are affected by airline strikes:

  • mazamaramazamara Posts: 27
    Fair enough, each to their own. I'd still book independently as I don't feel I'd need babysitting if my travel plans were unavoidaby changed for whatever reason. I'm able to locate and book a budget hotel and provide food for myself, no matter what country I'm in. I recently took a month's multi centre holiday and paid less than half of what any travel agent could offer me for the same holiday. So, in theory an ash cloud could have decended for a whole month before I would have been out of pocket to bring my travel costs up to that of paying a travel agent...

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