June Honeymoon

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wondered if anyone could help with ideas for a June honeymoon, as everywhere I find that's hot also seems to be rainy season! We really wanted Thailand but with all the issues at the moment I've been put off, plus I've been told its rainy season there. We also considered the Maldives but have heard conflicting weather reports for June.

Ideally we're looking for an island holiday for 2 weeks at the start of June (wedding on the 4th, yay!). Something with a wow factor, really peaceful where we can just chill out, eat nice food and relax in beautiful surroundings. I'd like it be hot (at least 28 degrees) and not rainy, but it seems like I'm asking for the impossible!

All advice gratefully received xxxxx


  • Junes a great time of year to visit the Seychelles or maybe look at Maurtitius
  • SHenry29SHenry29 Posts: 210
    Thanks Mrs F, when we looked in the brochures the weather didn't look great there, but there seems to be so much conflicting info around! We're debating just risking it and going to Thailand but I can't decide - its so much money to spend I want it to be perfect!

  • SHenry29SHenry29 Posts: 210
    Second post
  • HappyEverAfterx2HappyEverAfterx2 Posts: 4,075
    I would risk Thailand for this june?!

    We are meant to go on 1st june and we are waiting to change it, but have to wait till wednesday!!xx
  • HappyEverAfterx2HappyEverAfterx2 Posts: 4,075
    I meant i WOULDN'T risk it!xx
  • MrsBxMrsBx Posts: 980
    My Mum was meant to be going to Bangkok and Koh Somui but has had it cancelled because of all the trouble therefore I wouldn't risk it.

    I am getting married in June too and still haven't booked yet either.

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    we're going to the maldives end of june/start july. yes there is a risk of rain more in this season, but its still a beautiful place!

    we went to dominican in the rainy season, and to be honest it was a relief when it did rain as it cleared the air, only rained for a few hrs too. mainly in the evening.

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    Hi we're getting married at the end of May next year so were planning on going away June time, know exactly where you are coming from.

    We've been looking at Aruba and it looks lovley, weather is hot, not much rain and plently to see and do. have a look and see what you think.....
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    Caribbean is fine - we went for 2 weeks in june and had 1 heavy shower the whole time.
  • HappyEverAfterx2HappyEverAfterx2 Posts: 4,075
    Bali is meant to be good all year round!

    As i said before we are needing to change honeymoon due to thailand,on wednesday, its so hard to choose!

    We are looking at Bali, Cuba or Aruba!!xx
  • SHenry29SHenry29 Posts: 210
    Thanks for the suggestions, we looked at Carribean but were put off as a few of our friends have been there on honeymoon and we wanted to do something different, a bit silly I know. We went to see a travel agent at the weekend and she was really selling the idea of a few nights in Hong Kong then an amazing resort in the hills in Bali for about 4 nights, then off to a beach hut for a week. I think bali's got everything we're looking for...I can't wait!!
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