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Advice? Ideas? Help!

Not a particularly big traveller, but have ALWAYS wanted to go - for the Dali museum and the architecture especially.

If people can recommend reasonable hotels or a good location to stay, oh and places to eat (particularly for veggies!) any help would be welcome!

Cheers ladies!

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    Hi there - I LOVE Barcelona! Not least because we got engaged there image We stayed at this hotel which we thought was really reasonable and very central:

    It's actually really nice too, and has a fabbo sun deck with a pool for afternoon sunbathing and drinks after sightseeing and shopping!

    Recommend doing the city tour bus thing to get to all the major sites. Definitely do the cathedral, it's amazing!

    Im veggie and I ate fine but the Spanish do like their meat so make sure you check the menu before you go into a restaurant to make sure they have something for you.


  • DeeDeeB2BDeeDeeB2B Posts: 272
    Sorry it was this one was stayed at, Hotel Jazz:
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    Thanks so much for getting back to me, Dee! Hotel looks gorgeous... How great that you got engaged in Barcelona - it will always be a special place to you both now image

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    We are going to Barcelona too! We are going at the start of Sept, when u going? We booked a 5 star hotel but I'm not going to recommend it because their customer service skills seem to be lacking as they've lost details of our booking and haven't replied to our emails! So may have to cancel and find another hotel!

    We are going to hire a car from Barcelona station and head up the coast to explore the beaches etc for part of the honeymoon.
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    Thanks for the reply, Bex.

    Oh no, the hotel have really let you down there, that's awful. If you do cancel make dam sure they refund you any money - I wish I could advise you but I've never had that experience...

    Your plans for Barcelona sound great - we're going at the same time as you!

    We don't drive unfortunately so I hope their transport is good (-:

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    Hi Mrs247,

    We came back a couple of weeks ago, I took my hubby to the Spanish Grand Prix as his wedding present, I'd never been before and I totally adored it, I literally want to move there!

    We did actually stay at Soho DeeDee how funny! Was a really funky modern hotel in a great location not far from Las Ramblas and for a very decent price, we walked everywhere and just hopped on the aerobus from the airport to the hotel, Gaudi's work is amazing, the magic fountains are also worth a look but make sure you follow your map properly and walk from the big roundabout to see them, we got lost and ended up coming in at the back and wondered what all the fuss was about! The choice of music is quite amusing!! Also the marina and beach are lovely!

    Also you'll have heard about the pick pockets, we had our camera pinched but my hubby felt him do it and went after him when he'd realised it had gone, luckily for us we got it back but the other people hadn't been so lucky as his bag was full of stolen stuff, unfortunately there wasnt any police around to drag him to!

    Have a fab time, it's lush!!

    x x x

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    Thank you Mrs Pink Princess - and congratulations to you!

    Everyone is saying Las Ramblas is the place to stay so I think we will search for places around here.

    I'm so glad your hubs got his camera back - that was close! Thank you for the warning and thank goodness he wasn't hurt or anything.

    Just reading your message has got me so excited about seeing Gaudi's work - my late mother went to Barcelona and just raved about the architecture.

    We will definately be catching a Barcelona game when we are there too - for hubs mainly but I know I will love it as well really!

    Thank you for sharing about the hotel and all your advice.


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