thomas cook wedding & gifting service

katemoutskatemouts Posts: 334
has anyone ever used one of these?? we already hav our little house with everything in it! so was thinking of asking for help with our honeymoon as a gift what do you all think??


  • michjoemichjoe Posts: 544
    Hi, I was going to set up a voucher list with Thomas Cook but i'm doing something similar but with Debenhams instead. They have joined with Virgin to offer a gift list that can be used towards a Virgin holiday. You set up a gift card only list and your guests can make a donation towards your card which can be used as full or part payment for your honeymoon. I hope this helps x
  • katemoutskatemouts Posts: 334
    arent virgin holidays expenxive tho? were looking at a low budget to go with our low budget wedding ya see xx
  • We have investigated holiday vouchers and Thomas Cook seemed easiest,,,most affordable and all the guests have to do is buy gift vouchers!!
  • drobinson1984drobinson1984 Posts: 1,071
    We have signed up to the Thomas Cook one (much to my colleague's disgust as I work for a rival tour operator!) - its easy to set up, easy for guests to contribute to and the money can either come off of a honeymoon you have already booked or you can have vouchers once the wedding is over (our chosen option for a belated honeymoon!)

    I have chosen this rather than through my own company as Thomas Cook offer a greater choice of destinations and cover all budgets, so we can choose somewhere once we know how much money we have to spend! We don't get married until September, but already have £120 in our T.C account image xx
  • pinkypukpinkypuk Posts: 26
    We are planning on using the Thomas cook voucher gift service as well. I've heard they are good value for money. Wedding is not till next June, but we are planning on going to Paris for a few days after the wedding then when we return put the vouchers towards a nice honeymoon in the September time.;) x
  • nowvickyjnowvickyj Posts: 312
    We asked for Thomas Cook vouchers when we got married and it worked really well. We had lots of choice over where to book and could stick within the budget we had set for ourselves. Go for it.

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