money in hawaii

hey all does anyone know if you can use a british visa debit card easilily in hawaii?? mainly to get cash out. I know they charge but haven't a clue how much money to bring!


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    We're going to Hawaii too and this is something I've been trying to research. I think its best to try and avoid using british debit card as most banks will charge comission and some other charges which will add up although it would probably be ok for emergency. I'm hoping to take some dollars in cash and then either some travellers cheques or some kind of prepaid currency card (I think travelex do one and mastercard and other companies too:


    I'm still not sure exactly what to do as I want to be sure we have enough money and that its secure.

    When / where you going?

    I'm finding it really hard to know how much to budget for food, activities, spending money! How much do you think is reasonable budget for food per day (we have kitchen in the condo)?

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    Yes you can! the exchange rate works in your favour too, i think its something like a nominal fee from your bank that works out to about £2.50 a transacttion

    We got engaged in hawaii in september, the banks are mainy bank of america, i would say take some cash with you thou, as if you are staying or are planning to go to any of the remote islands then it will be harder to find the banks.

    Another thing you can do is open a currency exchange card, its like a credit card, you pay your money onto it thou and use it as a credit card, i wouldn't advise travellers cheques as one of the people in our group had a nightmare with them

    Food costs vary from island to island, Oahu is by far the cheapest but to be honest, supermarket prices can be expensive and then your also limited, all i can say is they do safeways out there and wallmarts too, get a safeway saver card i think this saves you something like 10%, you will proberbly find alot of the time its cheaper to eat out, we are not massive eaters and the meals are HUGE!! we found ourselves sharing lunch meals when we ate out and dinner to ourselves.

    Where are you both staying and how long for?
  • Yes you can but tell your bank before you go, otherwise it may get blocked.

    Its best to use your debit or credit card for everything as you get a better exchange rate normally, even if they charge you a small amount it still generally works out better than cash.

    I wouldnt take travellers cheques, they can be a pain to use and not necessary when you can just use a card.

    Supermarket shopping is pricier than here for most things, but then it is in the US, and in Hawaii everything has to be shipped there. But, eating out is cheaper than here I would say.

    Its good if youve got a condo because you can stock up on stuff for breakfast at the supermarket which saves a lot instead of eating out for breakfast. And you can always make lunches to take the to beach, or snacks, drinks etc.

    The most expensive thing is the trips. But youre in Hawaii. Make the most of it!

    I dont think you can ever work out an exact budget which is why cards are so useful because you dont have to worry about that.
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