Anyone been to Dubai who can help me?

We're going to Dubai for 3 nights as part of our honeymoon but I'm a bit worried about something which is probably nothing to worry about but wanted to ask for reassurance.

I heard that they are very strict with you taking any kind of pills into the country with you. I am on the contraceptive pill and never really thought anything of it until my auntie had mentioned it to me. She is a bit of a worrier and I never thought anything of it at first but now I'm starting to panic. I don't want to not take it as we all know what happens when you come off it and it would just ruin the trip. Can anyone reassure me I'm worrying about nothing or that I should be worried? x


  • suziewuzie123suziewuzie123 Posts: 115
    Hi, I went to Dubai for two weeks last october. I have never heard of this before and cant really see it being a problem. It is very westernised in all the hotels etc. We stayed with family that live there, but how are they going to know about your pills unless you go around shouting about it?

    If you are worried then maybe dont leave them lying about in your room when you are out. The only thing i was worried about was the dress code in public places such as resturants and shopping malls. But i was fine in shorts (not hot pants) and a nice top or a dress. Speaking of shopping Malls make sure you go to Dubai Mall or the Mall of the Emirates if you like shopping and i would also reccommend a drink in Mina al Salam hotel, a dinner cruise on the creek and a night desert safari. all great.

    Have a great time! x
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    My H2bs parents live in Dubai so we go quite regularly and I can assure you that you will be fine with your contraceptive. The type of medication that is banned is codeine which is in some pain killers so I always buy painkillers out there if I ever need any. Last time we went in April H2b was on mediaction and had a random bag search at the airport and they didnt look twice at them. If you are on any types of medication just google or ask your doctor for a list of whats banned.

    The only bit of advice I would give is just be aware that holding hands and kissing in public is a big no no and you can get arrested for it. Sounds extreme I know but you have to respect their culture and I dont have a problem with it. There are also signs up in the shopping malls about dressing appropriately,I usually wear linen trousers and a top. I think as long as you dont go wearing a pair of hotpants and a strappy top you will be fineimage

    Dubai is a fabulous place to visit and you will have a great time. Mall of Emirates is great,its the one with the indoor ski run but I would set aside a whole day if you are going to Dubai Mall because its huuuuuge!! We went in April and to be honest we only stayed a couple of hours I found it a bit too much!! I agree with Suziewuzie - a desert safari is great fun and so is Wild Wadi waterpark,theres so much to do in Dubai you'll be worn out by the time you come home image
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