Sri Lankan Airlines......Are they rubbish?

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Hi Ladies

We booked our Honeymoon yesterday with Thomas Cook to Meeru Island Resort, Maldives. We always use Easyjet to fly with normally but we were looking forward to hopefully flying with more seat space and good entertainment (its a 10 hour+ flight!)we are flying with Sri Lankan Airlines. Has anyone flown with them? I have just been reading reviews online and there not all that good :0(, apparently quite out of date, tatty, dirty planes! Entertainment is very dated and broken alot of the time and the service has been reviewed as being wonderful but also bad!??

Slightly worried now as we've spent so much time researching the destination, with a 10 hour flight before we get there it would be a shame if it starts are Honeymoon off badly.

Does anyone know how much extra it is to upgrade from Economy? Also after we've now booked can we change airline?

Thanks in advance x


  • Nic26mNic26m Posts: 78

    we returned from an amazing honeymoon in sri lanka and the maldives a couple of weeks ago. Sri lankan airlines were good. the crew were really friendly, the seats comfy. you got your own tv with different films. a pillow and a blanket so really do not worry! when are you off? Have fun!
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    thanks Nic26m thats good :0)

    7 weeks time!!
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    Hi just saw this thread and was so excited cos we are going on honeymoon on 9th Aug to Sri Lanka then Meeru Maldives. Can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!
  • emoriaemoria Posts: 344
    Hi Lucyl by the looks of things on there is a high chance that whilst we're out there, there will be someone there at the sametime that usess this site.

    Theres a Maldives topic going in the honeymoon thread with people either raving about Meeru or saying they have been and it was wonderful!!!......can't wait we go on the 22nd July!
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